The Community & Children's Impact Center - Making A Difference One Child At A Time
WELCOME  To Our Non-Profit Organization The Community & Children's Impact

We are so proud we are now accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


ALL CONTRIBUTIONS PLEASE MAIL TOO 711 Marie St. Shepherd, Tx 77371
Make payable to The C.C.I.C.
Tax forms upon request

Drop Off Food Pantry
1300 S. Byrd Shepherd, Texas 77371

If you want to make a difference call (936)499-2632

WE Assist with:
*Electric & Water bills
*Crisis Assistance
*Assistance for homeless
*College Assistance
*Assist School Programs
*Assist Law Enforcement
*School Community Service
*Mandatory Community Service (We work with Criminal Justice System) 
*Food Drives
*Assistance for Senior Citizens
*Fundraising for families in need
*Collaboration with American Red Cross
*Awareness Programs
*Zero's To Hero's Program
*Educational Programs
*Gardening Program
*Summer Work Programs
*After School Programs
*Youth Activities and trips
*Annual Hug-A-Tree/Kiss-A-Fish Youth 3 day Adventure
*Annual Feed The Hunger Program/Collaboration with San Jacinto County Outreach
*Impact Center is only organization I know of who has a Youth Board of Directors that attend meetings and helps make decisions only our yearly goals.

*Impact Center has 9 Woodforest National Bank Managers from all over Houston and local area on our team. This is the most  Managers on any one team or organization per the District Supervisor.

Accomplishments & Recognitions:

*2010 Halliburton Hometown Hero
*2014- Masonic Lodge winner of Community Service Award
*2015- Best of San Jacinto County- Best Civic Organization
*2015 Better Business Bureau Accredited

Store Hours:
9am til 4pm Tuesday - Friday
Saturday: 9am- 4pm
Sunday - Monday CLOSED
Winter hours Tuesday-Saturday 9am-4pm
The Impact Thrift Store is a for profit business, but all the proceeds go to help further the education of our youth, provide food, clothing, and merchandise at a reasonable cost to our customers, to give a additional vital need for our community. We have been serving our community for over 11 years almost 12, and decided to open a resale shop to have a permanent location, to have a greater impact in our community and provide a great store with honest, caring, and friendly people. We hope to be serving our communities for many years to come.
We are already growing out of our location and hope and pray that one day we will have a larger location to make a even greater impact in all 4 counties, of the highest poverty rated area's in the county.
*We are excepting donations of clothes, baby items, furniture, bedding, books, electronics, maturnity clothes, car seats, strollers, tv's, stereo's, camera's, purses, etc.
*We provide educational customers service skills to eager youth wanting to learn new business skills, office skills, prepare youth for future jobs or beginner jobs to teach them to be productive, personal hygiene, customer service, and to become productive self-motivated individuals. The Thrift Shop provides a location for community services hours and college hours to youth in all surrounding counties. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can make a difference in a fun working environment, while helping people in need. 
*We have a great support team but to keep our store up and running we need additional financial support. Being a small business has many expenses and our community and children are counting on us to succeed.
*We have a pick up service for left over garage sale items and donations. We except anything you can't use.
*If we can't use it we ship it to 3rd World Counties to make a even greater Impact. Making a difference around the world.
 The CCIC!
All donations are tax-deductible. 

You can find us at this web-site or or
We changed our logo due to we now services a larger area not just Cleveland
we have youth members from Splendora, Livingston, Conroe, Coldsprings, and 
Impact Team celebrating Halliburton's Home Town Hero presentation.
Team work makes things happen!
Congressman Ted Poe and Brenda Myers/President
(936) 499-2632


    We are a non-profit organization dedicated to giving the youth of our community and the surrounding area an alternative to the dangerous temptations and sometimes addictive behaviors that are so readily accessible to all of us.
This organization came into being because of the inspiration and dedication of one woman, Brenda Myers, a drunk driver, and the Gifts from God that are our Children. We hope you enjoy the story of this woman's vision from God and how it's become a vision for many others.
     In May of 2004, Brenda Myers was hit by a drunk driver. During her 2-year recovery, that included more bed-rest than anyone should ever be forced to endure, she began reading the newspaper, and realized the children were dying younger & younger. As soon as she was moving around again, Brenda began passing out survey sheets to the children in the community to find out their fears and what would keep them out of trouble. She has spoken with youth of various ages, from gang members to high school jocks, male and female; she ended up with over 3000 , and still counting. The answers were so shocking that she knew she had to do something about it immediately.
Brenda started hosting events in her back yard in order to give these children something to do. These events have grown bigger and better as the years pass, with some attracting over 1000 attendees so far.
     As the events grew, her Team began to grow too. With the helpful input of community, local businesses, and friends, it was realized that this group needed to become an official entity. This is why The Community & Children's Impact Center was established and in May of 2007, the CCIC received their official non-profit status.
During Brenda's Journey, she has met a lot of wonderful people within the Cleveland and surrounding communities, as well as people from other cities and states. These fantastic people have jumped in to help out simply because they were told that it would help our children; they are a part of Brenda’s Army of Angels and she will always be grateful to them. Being an ambassador forThe Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland Lions Club, and Ladies Axillary @ The American Legion Post 393 in the past she has met amazing supporters that believe the children are our future. We have received a lot of support from the City of Cleveland and Shepherd City Officials. Please, check out the Sponsor's, Thanks, Links page to visit our sponsors with websites.
     For more of Brenda's and the Impact Center's story, please go to the Our Continuing Story page!
     The mission of this organization is to promote anti-crime and anti-drug youth functions for all ages, including special-needs children. We are pushing aggressively to take back our youth from the infestation of gangs and violence that they are subjected to on a daily basis. Our idea is, that if we consistently offer engaging activities that are also learning experiences for the youth to be involved in, then just maybe, the idle time they have, will be occupied and this will keep them off the streets and away from drugs and crime.
   To provide & promote resources for low income families, to provide much need assistants to families who can not help themselves. CCIC provides educational programs, events, and activities, to promote  healthy and productive children, adults and community. Our goal is to stomp Out Hunger, provide resources, and financial assistants to families in poverty. 
Our children are in dire need of a positive environment!
     We will push hard as a collective group with a focused, common goal. We will not restrict ourselves to saving only one child, but will be involved in saving numerous children's lives each day. We will be working towards fostering within them upstanding, community-minded, productive individuals. We have the opportunity to have a DIRECT IMPACT on their lives. So do You! Join with us, we need you, they need you!
We host these activities at various locations and post the information and directions when they are getting close on the calendar.
Future Plans: Impact Thrift Store & Food Pantry Coming soon!
  • Monthly Youth Nights, come join the fun on Friday nights! 1st Friday of the month"
  • Every 3rd Saturday of month Impact Road trip for members only, Nasa, Zoo, Astro's game etc.
  • "Prayer Under The Pines"
  • Nature's Impact Program Impact Team & The United States Forestry Service
  • Hug A Tree - Kiss A Fish Adventure Day.
  • Annual Fishing Tournament (held in memory of Richard Hanks
  • Annual Texas Children's Music Festival
  • Annual Maze Of Madness
  • Bands and Bikers for Babies "Awareness for Violent Crimes Against our Children"
  • Zero's to Hero's Program
     These activities will and do provide positive interactions with like-minded individuals in one location and promote working and cooperating as a collective group in order to have a more powerful IMPACT in the community. During these times we will promote a healthier lifestyle and a maintain a positive environment for our youth and other visitors.
     Our plans for what we will do inside of our future youth center are as follows, with room for improvements as the center and its activities come into being. We plan to have a many activities the "Wonderland Of Resources"
>Re-Sale Shop & Food Pantry
  • Real Deal Reading Center
  • Twice-Monthly Saturday tutorials
  • Crime Watch Program
  • Helping Hands Program
  • Work Source Center
  • A year-round, youth-driven Bible study
  • A Gardening Area for Seniors and the Community
  • Special Activities for Special Needs Children
  • Impact Cheer leading Team
  • Recreational Area- Small theater for acting and Singing
  • Photo Shop
  • competitive Competitions with a variety of categories.
  • Food Drives to feed the hunger
  • Camping Trips
  • Collaboration with other non-profits in same location for a greater impact
  • Exercise Program
     CCIC hosts, or participates in, several events throughout the year and we are always in need of Sponsors to help out with the expenses. Our Events Calendar has some annual events but is often updated to include any new ones on the horizon! We add to the calendar according to the requests of our Youth, of our Board, or our Community. If we can pull it off, and it will benefit the Kids in the long run, we’ll do it if at all possible!!!
    If you would like to donate to any of these special events it's a wonderful tax write off and you will be remembered forever by the many children you have helped. These children are depending on us. Please Help Us Help The Children! It takes a lot of money to put these events together. Any donations we receive will go to a great cause.
"I'm not sure what's at the end of this rainbow, but I do know there are some very important lessons to be learned: Never give up on a dream, never let people tell you it can't be done, always dream big, trust in God, work hard, and your dreams will come true." ~ Brenda
Get involved today, call Brenda at: (936) 499-2632
Please become our friend on Face Book. 
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