The Community & Children's Impact Center - Making A Difference One Child At A Time
Gearing up for our 6th Annual Maze of Madness
Look under event for detail we are teaming with the Shepherd Fire Department this year
Meet with us August 25th at the new Shepherd Fire Department 3101 Hwy 59
to began the building process. Join us for some major fun.
We are proud that we have a program that gives the youth a chance to earn
points for being productive citizens by working hard and learning skills at
the same time. We are working with some of the local businesses that need our
assistance at their locations and providing a place for the youth to do
community service hours. Here is how it works;
*Come to one of our meeting every 1st Thursday of the month-Stancil Park 6:30
*Sign your child up to be on the team
*They receive a  work- sheet with different things they can work on in the community
 to earn points.
* If one of the businesses we are participating with needs us we take the youth to 
the location to do the work
*We log their hours and every 3rd monthly meeting we give out TOP HERO of the MONTH
which will also include 4 other awards for the 3 months.
*Each Month they will turn in their worksheets to get their credit
*It's easy. It will teach them skills at the business location while promoting positive
activities that are sometimes easy and sometimes hard. We believe you must
give back to receive.
                             *This will make them feel good about themselves while helping others
If you would like to add your business let us know!
*McCool's Tons of Fun

January  11th, 2012
Myself, Amber & Crystal went out to get donations to help Shayne and Brook to get to Nashville. We are so excited that the awesome people at Kroger's who donated Briskets. This is what team work is all about. Kroger's thanks for your sup
January 7 & 8th 2012
The Community & Children's Impact Center would like to thank Cleveland McCoy's for their kindness. We had a family who attended our Board Meeting Jan. 5th who came to us for help. They have 6 children 4 of their own and 2 adopted which had been abused. I felt so proud to know their is still people out their willing to help children that don't even belong to them. They are trying to adopt 3 more that was in a family where the children were sexually abused and taken into CPS custody. CPS required them to have 2 additional rooms built in their home before the children could be placed with them.
  I went and talked to Joe & Chris store managers at McCoy's and due to it being a Saturday they had no time to contact corporate. Instead of turning us away they jumped right in and spent 4 hours with us getting the best deals and discounts they could. The heart and time they gave to this project shows true compassion for people in their community. I was truly proud of this local business for being their for this family in their time of need. We are still needing roofing supplies, sheet rock and insulation if any one can help please call me at (936)499-2632. My hats off to McCoy's in Cleveland a true family store.
Brenda Myers/President
January 3rd 2012 
Impact Youth team Brings Christmas joy to the Shepherd  Senior Citizens
December 21st, 2011
December 17th, 2011
Impact Team unites with Shepherd Mulligan Event Staff to bring Christmas joy
to a local family

December 3rd 2011
Impact Center wins 2nd Place in 2011
Cleveland Christmas Parade
Be a part of the solution!
For more information contact Brenda
Make a difference in someone's LIFE
OCTOBER 22, 2011
We participated in  Cleveland's 1st Fall Festival
OCTOBER 1st 2011
Bands & Bikers for Babies 2
Awareness for Violent Crimes Against Our Children
hit tab on left for more photo's
JULY 30th, 2011
Bands & Bikers for Babies
Awareness for Violent Crimes Against Our Children"
Look under tab to left for photo's
APRIL 16TH 2011
  Here's What Cleveland's Really About "Unity"
No Matter how bad it get's we believe FAITH will get us through it.
Visit Our Photo Galary & Events pages for our
 2009 National River Clean-Up photo's
View video's below!
Most of the world has already heard about the terrible rape of a 11 year old child in our community by 19 young & adult men. I feel as a leader and the President of The C.C.I.C I needed to speak out about this. It is very difficult to deal with as a individual, as a community and a leader of a youth organization. It is extremely difficult for our children who are having to deal with this as well. I have had tons of calls from our youth crying, angry, sad and very scared.
  This must be addressed and something must be done to  make some positive changes in our community and the surrounding communities. We must not allow this rape that has destroyed many lives and the reputation of our community go on unjustified. We must take a stand. We do not want Cleveland,Texas to be remembered for the place where 19 men raped a 11 year old child. I want it to be remembered as a community that took charge and made a difference.We owe it to this little girl and all rape victims for that matter to fight for more positive options for these children. We as a community and other communities should take this as a serious wake up call. Our youth are screaming for help and we need to listen.
   There has been a few comments that I Brenda Myers is using this tragedy as a tool to promote The Impact Center. I have one thing to say about that I have been promoting this youth center project for 5 years now. I mentioned a youth center the day I started this in my back yard and I mentioned 2 days before I knew of this little girls rape case and I will mention it again 5 years from now if we still don't have one.
  You may wonder why after all this time and all the funds raised why we still don't have a center yet.
We have used much of the proceeds to have continuous activities and events for the community and especially for the youth. Anyone who has ever done a event of any size must know the expense that come from hosting these events. Over the past 5 years we have raised enough funds to purchase a small piece of land, Impact van for transportation, toys, clothes and food for less fortunate and have hosted hundreds of events and programs that had a direct Impact in children's lives.
This could not have been possible without all the amazing businesses, individuals, biker groups and concerned citizens. We have over head expense and advertising cost that are outrages. If you have viewed our web-site you will see the tremendous amount of accomplishments and the hundreds of smiling youth kids who we have Impacted.
   There are many wonderful organizations in our community white and black community leaders who have dedicated their lives to making a difference. A child sees no color. They only see the caring smile of someone who is there for them. We have many wonderful church programs with amazing leaders.
The only problem is the at Risk Youth do not go to church and these are the ones we are watching go to jail on a daily basis.We have amazing people running our youth baseball and football leagues the only problem there is not all our at Risk Youth can afford to play. Some youth are not even interested in sports. Where does this leave the percentage of youth who are poor, without caring parents without positive role models? All our youth are at risk beginning as early as the 3rd grade.
It leaves them open to drug dealers, gangs, and criminal activity. We do need
a village to raise our youth these days. I'm inviting you the moms, dads, grandparents and leaders of our community to take a stand and let's do something about it. 
   I have been interviewed by HLN and many other reporters and I wanted you to know why I agreed to do it. If they do not hear of the wonderful positive things we are doing and the amazing people doing it then how will they know the outstanding work being done here. I took a stand and felt it extremely important to defend our community and all rape victims.
I know some may not agree with the media exposure however they are coming and they are not going anywhere so I suggest you all speak out and let them know we are good people trying to do what we can with the very little resources.
I want to thank Tuff Kids, Linda and Neil Stucky and the Cleveland youth League, Anita and Freddy Wright w/ Wright Way Community, Cheryl Driver,Breach of Ministries, Rotc Program. ABC Dental, Melvin Hunts Scholarship Program, Cleveland and Shepherd's Band,Cleveland's Lions and Rotary, Keep Cleveland Beautiful, The Women's Club, The Seniors Circle, The Texan Theater, Healthy Women's, American Legions and many more,also all the wonderful business who support all our causes in our community.
It's Always exciting to meet awesome people !
  January 2011
Mattress Mac is awesome & inspirational
Cleveland Chambers Luncheon
2011 Impact Flag Football Supporting
Shepherd Youth League
I began this journey (C.C.I.C) 5 years ago alone with only a vision from God, a few youth kids and family. Over the years the team has grown with many people coming and going. We have met so many incredible people. We have raised lots of money to help others and continue our programs, as well as our small and very large events for the community and the children. We have purchased a Impact Van that provides transportation for youth who have no way to go. We have raised enough funds to purchase only .25 acres on hwy 59 which we thought would be the future home of the Impact Center.  Getting this land was a major accomplishment. We could not have done it without many many people and business who have helped us along the way. We have recently found out after research and surveys that the land does not have enough water consumption because of the new Love's Gas Station and that it is land locked so we still have not been able to accomplish our major goal.
   Most people would be discouraged with all the set backs we have had trying to get even a small building to have a youth center for the children. Even though we get disappointed at times we still have made a huge Impact in many young lives. These kids will never forget the quality of time that we have spent with them in our efforts to bring them joy through the tough times in their lives.
I have had an amazing team that I am very proud of. I can not count the long hours, days, months and years everyone has put into our projects. I could not have done it without all the wonderful caring people and the awesome Impact Team, business owners, musicians, and kind individuals.
We have Impacted so many people with very little funding, but through the hearts of many we have managed to accomplish so much. As a team we have always managed to turn lemons into lemonade and thats what I'm most proud of.
   It is now 2012 6 years later and we still DO NOT have a youth center, we still do not have a safe place for our youth to go.  We do however, have a new plan. We will be starting a Savings land account. We will build on this account until our goal of buying some land and building materials are met. Then all of us who have been a part of this amazing team will find the land together.
   You may think this is just a dream and will never be done. I thought the same thing 6 years ago standing in my back yard. It can and will be done. We hope by canceling some of our major fund raisers that takes months and months to plan will free up some time for me and the Directors to go out and bring more awareness to our project and to spend more quality time with our youth who need us. These events are costing more to put on then what we raise.
  We are not giving up so please keep us in your prayers. Our hearts are strong, our will is powerful and together we can accomplish many things. We must keep our faith and believe God will handle the rest. The word "volunteer" is powerful and most rewarding however, it's the hardest work ever, it takes away from your family, it takes away the free time for yourself, it takes your own money most of the time. However, the end results are spectacular. I can not explain it, you can only feel it. The tears of joy, the smiles from a child, the gift of hope to another, and the lasting friendships that are made are forever. This makes it worth all the hard work. This has been a wonderful journey for me and I want it to be for you as well. Please join our team and let's make this dream come true.
   For every child that loses a parent there is a lonely child out there, for every child who gets on drugs there is a happy drug dealer, for every child who don't fit in there is another suicide. For every family who loses a job there is still a mouth to feed. Let us now pray for a miracle. Brenda Myers
Very Important Impact Meeting!!!!
 January 21, 2010,
211 Peach St. Stancil Park
6:30 pm
The Impact Team needs your help:
"Children in need of Christmas"
Join Us December 18th 2010
Gift of Giving Event
11am til 4pm- 211 Peach St
Stancil Park
We still need your help. WE still have children in need of Christmas. WE are almost finished. With your help
there is going to be much joy on a child's face Christmas morning. Times are tough but the children don't understand.
Give the Gift of Love. Thanks for your support. Brenda
 families  1 & 2 were called in by Darlene Brown @ Sleepy Hollow Apartments-
 Contact number (281) 593-1731
#2 Stanley Family- This Family was ADOPTED BY: 
Frank & Jessica @ Backwoods & The Boozefighters
#3 Cody Swimmer sent these names:
ADOPTED BY:James & Tiffany Georgous
Lone Star Christian Riders
#4 Mrs. Faye Family:ADOPTED BY:
Lone Star Christian Riders
#5 Stephanie Family- ADOPTED BY: Angela Allen/Owner Allied Power Mart
 4 CHILDREN WERE ALL ADOPTED BY ANGELA. This families house burned down and
Angela brought much joy to these children in a time of desperation and need
#6 Miss Deloris Family:
Adopted By: Melissa Blizzard
ADOPTED BY: Laurie Perez Hoffman
Adopted BY: Laurie Perez Hoffman-North Shore
ADOPTED BY:Melissa Blizzard
#7 Anderson Family: Contact Dottie (832) 318-3381
ADOPTED BY: Butch & Kelly Green Sheehy-North Shore
#8 Amanda Family:ADOPTED BY:
Shear Shack Hair Salon in Tarkington
Dinner furnished By: Owner Dawn Funk
#9 Martha Family: ADOPTED BY:
Lynn Stewart & Pathway  Fellowship Church
#10 Michael Family: ADOPTED BY:
Tina & Fran Collins/ CD Auto & Tire
#11 Jackie Family: ADOPTED BY:
Marjorie Hughes Family
#12 Patricia Family: ADOPTED BY:
Scott & Diana Harping/
Owners of Fish Tales Restaraunt
#13 Lestie Family: ADOPTED BY:
Greg Home Family/
Owners of Fish Tales Restaraunt Cleveland
#14 April Family: Family needs adopting
ADOPTED BY:The Impact Team
Adopted By: The Impact Team
#15. Michelle Family :
ADOPTED BY:Pa Pa Ro's Pizza
 Thanks for bringing joy to these children. You are all a blessing
     More Exciting News:
        Please visit our events page for all Impact events!
        November 7th 2010
        Thanks Halliburton & Houston Texans
        Thanks to Caroline Morton, I Brenda Myers was able to experience a memory that will last forever.
        Today over 70,000 people @ the Houston Texans game learned about The Community & Children's Impact Center of Cleveland, Texas and our efforts to make a difference in a child's life. I hope you join us no matter where you live in the efforts to save a child. Thanks to the Cleveland Advocate Editor Vanesa Brashier for contacting Patric Schneider from Houston Community News to take this photo as they were showing a video clip taken of me when receiving the award for $1,000.00.
        NOV. 7th 2010 GAME
        Houston Texans vs Chargers
        Impact Center takes the kids to the Astro's Game
        September 13th, 2010
        August 16th, 2010
        ok this is going to be long but I must tell you how my day went today and what lead up to this amazing afternoon. I got up this morning very tired after staying up to 2 am working on a presentation for what I thought was going to be a meeting with Halliburton employees. I received info from Caroline Morton one of my Officers, that her husband Larry had been working with some Halliburton employees cleaning up the oil spill and they were excited about hearing more about our organization. I rushed today to get everything together. Not having air condition in my car and two little girls fighting in the back seat I was already a little on edge. Off to the meeting I went. When I drove up a truck pulled behind me while I was trying to put on make up and as it began to pull away I thought it may be Halliburton employees so I jumped out and to the vehicle I ran. To my surprise it was Bonnie and Greg white one of Zachry Construction employees and his wife a former employee at Zachry Construction. I thought that was unusual but in my panic to get ready for the meeting I didn't pay it no mind. About that time Amanda Sutters came up and said we needed to go get sandwiches from Subway for the meeting; and" I was like what now"? we can't be late for this meeting it's too important. Grumbling under my breath I agree and off we went. Amanda went into Subway and came back out and said it would be about 20 minutes. Burning up in the car we were all soaked with sweat. I was not a happy camper. We drove around the parking lot to get a breeze of cool air before returning to Subway. Amanda went in and said that the Platter truck had not gotten there yet with trays and we had to wait another 10 minutes. I said; "the Platter truck what kind of crazy is that" and with some other choice words I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever heard. But for the ones who know me they knew I can be fooled easily. Very cleaver on Amanda's part. After the 3rd time going into the store I was fit to be tied thinking we were going to be really late. Amanda came out again and said Caroline called and Halliburton had just gotten there and Caroline would send someone for the food to get over there. By now it's pouring down rain. I got there and Amanda jumped out of the car and I thought well she's not even gonna help me get the stuff out of the car and it's pouring. Caroline met me at the door and told me not to worry about the paperwork; and "I said no way I need it". I walked in and to my surprise there were people packed into the room. As I looked around I saw my mom and I thought what's she doing here when a big bull jumped in my face from the Houston Texans. It still not clicking to what was going on I said; "whats going on". After going through a bag of goodies given to me by The Houston Texans mascot Toro a gentleman from Halliburton walked up and said I had won The Halliburtons Home Town Hero's Award and the tears flowed like the rain out side. All I kept thinking was thank you God for all these angels. If you could have seen all those wonderful people in that room. It's was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me. Mike Bell and the K-Star staff was there to Interview me. Mark Freeman from KETX radio was there. Barbara McIntyre City Council, my Impact Team, Miss Jean and Bill McAdams and so many others. I can't tell you what it has meant to me to have people love me and stand beside me through thick and thin. God has kept his promise to me. Keep the Faith and believe in me he says and anything is possible. Amanda forgive me for being grumpy and Caroline you are a amazing friend. Thanks Greg White and Sergio for taking off work today to be at this special time in my life. I love you all and remember dreams do come true. Let's keep working together for the children in our community. Remember we are looking for others who what to make a Impact.  
        Director of Security Acceptance Letter
        by Amber Van Lake on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 3:14pm
        July 21, 2010
        Officer Amber Van Lake
        To the Community & Children’s Impact Center Members:
        I would like to express my sincere thanks to the committee and Board of Directors for nominating and electing me as the 2010 Director of Security. I am truly honored to be thought of for this position and gladly accept.
        I have previously volunteered for various projects to assist in the Community & Children’s Impact Center organization and wholly support the cause of their mission. With this position I know that this will present more opportunities for me to work and grow with this organization.
        I am looking forward to serving along with you to better reach out to our community, our youth, and our young children this next year.
        Cleveland Police Department
         Photo Gallery for photos of
        December 5, 2009
        Cleveland Chambers Christmas Float
         C.C.I.C.-2nd Place winners
          December 4, 2010
         Cleveland Chambers 
         Christmas Float
         C.C.I.C. 1st Place
        UPDATE On Paraphernalia : 7/15/2009
        LOOK BELOW
        Newest update on Drug Paraphernalia- 11/10/2009 -look below
        Disturbing NEWS
        These store owners state that these pipes are for tobacco use only. I visted 5 stores today June 10, 2009. Out of the 5 stores 2 had these items proudly displayed in cases and on the counters for all our children to view.
        I'm told by local police that this is not a crime. You must find some form of the drug in the pipes before a arrest can be made. They say it is LEGAL to sell these types of merchandise. You must be 21 years of age.
         UPDATE AUGUST 11, 2009
        the drug items in our stores. Mr. Otto said he disagreed with these items being in our stores that he would
         work on getting a legislative plan together to have them removed from the State of Texas.
        Here's someone who does care about our children. I hope he can help us save some lives.
        Our Mission began: 7/13/2009
        I visited all 10 stores in the Cleveland Community on 7/13/2009. 5 out of the 10 had these drug items in their stores.
        All but one store owner has agreed to remove the tobacco products out of view of our children.
        I went outside our city limits to the 1010 Grocery Store because it still effects our community. I spoke to EFE the store owner, he has taken down his display of the drug items. I'm very proud of him for caring about our children. These kinds of people need to be thanked.
        I then went to the next store SUPER KWIK beside Brookshire Brothers
        Congratulations they have agreed to remove the items from the counter.
        I then went to The CLEVELAND FOOD MART
        across from Brookshire Brothers the owner says he will no longer put the items where our children can see them.
        Thanks so much for caring about our children
        I then drove down 321 about 1/2 a mile from Cleveland Junior High to
        The STAR MART-1st visit
        NEW UPDATE 7/13/2009
        I must say I'm very proud of "ALI" who owns the Star Mart on Hwy 321 after speaking with him he decided to completely remove all the items from his store and sent them back to the distributor for his money back. He said he will not be apart of killing our youth. I respect this man for caring about others. Visit his store and tell him thanks.
        Myself and 2 youth members Shana, Joey and Monroe got 392 signuatures from pastors, doctors, business owners, and citizens who also believe these items are unhealthy for our community and the children.
        I then stopped in The VALERO'S GAS STATION and spoke to the nice manger there and she told me they do not allow those types of items in their store. Congratulations to VALERO'S for caring about our children. I took these photo's and left.
         I then stopped into our local Tobacco Barn at Brookshire Brothers. I thought surely I would find some of the same items since this store focuses on tobacco products. I'm not sure who was more shocked me or the nice ladies that worked there, when I asked for tobacco for my newly purchased bong. They new as well as I did that these kinds of items are not made for tobacco. Sorry there was no purchase because the only tobacco store in the area does not sell these items nor endorses these products.
        Don't it seem funny? If these items are really used for tobacco why don't a tobacco store sell them ? Congratulations Brookshire Brothers and The Tobacco Barn for caring about our youth. I took this photo and left.
        Other Stores who do not sell these items. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU !
        1. Denny's One Stop
        2. Shop-N-Stop
        3. The Shell Station
        4. The Mobile Station
        5. Jay's Cheveron
        yea. update 11/10/2009
        Thanks so much to our City Council of Cleveland for caring about our community.
         We hope to see other communities following to help save our youth.
        Cleveland, Texas makes history.
        Cleaning up Clevaland takes on a whole new meaning
        Thanks to all the volunteers we made a Impact
        Thanks to all the volunteers we made a Impact
        Saving our environment/Thanks Cleveland
        Saving our environment/Thanks Cleveland
        What a Team !
        What a Team !
        Thanks Amanda for taking us back to nature
        Thanks Amanda for taking us back to nature
        Thanks to our new friends from The Seirra Club
        Thanks to our new friends from The Seirra Club
        Mrs. Darlene Davis/City Council really cares
        Mrs. Darlene Davis/City Council really cares
        Group shot
        Group shot
        Darlene makes new friends
        Darlene makes new friends
        Amanda explains about our planets in the forest
        Amanda explains about our planets in the forest
        Hey I'm just helping !
        Hey I'm just helping !
        Mrs. Cook & her daughter worked hard
        Mrs. Cook & her daughter worked hard
        Team work
        Team work
        Love my Impact Team
        Love my Impact Team
        Work can be fun !
        Work can be fun !
        Off to make a differance
        Off to make a differance
        work , work , work
        work , work , work
        Look at the beautiful new trails
        Look at the beautiful new trails
        Everyone doing there part
        Everyone doing there part
        fantastic group of people
        fantastic group of people
        Meeting new friends was awesome
        Meeting new friends was awesome
        Tired but happy/ Impact Team
        Tired but happy/ Impact Team
        Thanks Mr. Cook for caring
        Thanks Mr. Cook for caring
        No trash left
        No trash left
        Talking about other projects
        Talking about other projects
        Groups from Houston come to help
        Groups from Houston come to help
        Building Teams & Building Dreams
        Finishing touches
        History being made for our next
        generation !
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