The Community & Children's Impact Center - Making A Difference One Child At A Time

Hug-a-Tree you ask? Some think this means we are a environmental group. Yes we care about the Earth that the good Lord has give us but the name Hug-A-Tree comes from lessons taught by The Boy Scouts. If you have ever been a Scout then you know that you are taught that if you get lost in the woods or away from home they say stay in one spot and  Hug-A-Tree. It makes it easier to find you and it can save your  LIFE.  Learn even more of these life saving skills at this event

     7th Annual 
May 13-15th 2016
   Richard & Mitzi Hanks Memorial
Hug-A-Tree/Kiss-A-Fish 3 day trip is gearing up for another great year!!

Thanks so much Wyatt Smith & the awesome Staff @ The Retreat At Artesian Lakes for inviting Us Back!
       This location ROCKS!!!

        Look Who's Confirmed!!
        Roger Rivers-Swamp People

        World Famous Boxer -Termite Watkins

        Reggie Johnson 3X World Champion


        Reggie "Airman" Dixon #19

        The Inspiring Eddie B- Check out his CD's

        Chuck Foreman Missing Children

        Thanks to these awesome 
        Top Sponsors:

        The Retreat at Artesian Lakes Thanks so much for having us back again.

        BRK Foundation:   I have known these amazing folks for over 30 years they have been the largest contributor each year for the past 4 years. Can't do it without them. Thanks so much Kelly.

        We now have 8 amazing Woodforest National Bank Managers from all over the area who are now on our Board of Directors & Director Team. I'm so very proud!!

        We are extremely grateful for Entergy's support the last 4 years. Their staff is amazing. We couldn't do it without them.

        The Greensheet  has been a major sponsor the last 5 years. They are amazing! $10,000 advertising contribution

        So very proud to always have ABC Dental as a top sponsor. Their staff always comes out with a booth. Love these guys.
        $1,000.00 Tree Leaf Sponsor

        It's always amazing to 
        see new sponsors joining our efforts.
        $1,000.00 sponsor

        So proud to have Pepsi Cola back on board again this year.
        These companies really care.

        Awesome folks Rex & Teresa with Livingston Live Stock  Exchange thanks for you 2nd yr. of a $500.00 contribution we are blessed.

        I am truly gratful for my good friend and District Supervisor Tim Soderquist. He always bring education and raffles to help the event and the children.

        Tim Soderquist
        Ducks Unlimited

        Thanks so very much to Chris, Zac, & Jessie Coles. They host the fishing tournament every year. They do a amazing job. Chris always sponsor the grand prize each year.

        Bass Pro Pearland has been apart of this event for the past 5 years. Thanks so much Tim Corwin for all you and Bass Pro does for the kids. Bass Pro always helps with product prizes.

        Always so proud to have Tim Corwin now the new Director of Programs for Bay Area Council. Boy Scouts of America he brings so much information and knowledge to our program.

        Borden's is back for 4th year in a row. Can't be more proud. Great company that cares about our children!!!

         Can't thank Game Warden Button and Game Warden Reynolds and the others who come out and make this event special.

        Jayson Baldridge with Blanket Top Theater is amazing he drives every year 4 hours here and back to give to the children.

        I am so excited to see
        new amazing companies joining this event. Thanks so much.
        $250.00 sponsor

         GW Gems Company: 

        I can't thank my friend and supporter Mr. Bob enough. He has been contributing to our events for the past 4 years. We are blessed with people who care.

        These folks are the best John & Stacy Admur again this year they are giving of their hearts.

        4th Year in a row HEB and Manager Miss Penny has been a major contributor. We can't do it without wonderful companies like this

        Can't thank my friends Kayrn at Kidaroma for coming back again this year what a amazing group of people. Visit them for parties on Hwy 1127.

        The beautiful Aztec Dancers are returning again  for the 6th year. They are a amzing group of people. Learning other cultures is wonderful

        Thanks so much Mcdonald's. Ronald and the shoe will be at the event at 3pm. The kids will be so excited.

        I am so grateful for Sgt. 1st Class Weathersby and the participation of the United States Army. Bring physical fitness skills to our program.
        Also 3pm Sgt. Weathersby will be doing recognition for Past and Present Military Hero's. 

        We are so excited this year Sgt. Perez will be bringing a air plane simulator. Collaboration of so many makes this event spectacular.

        So excited Adrian & Laura with Crossbones Corns and all their reptiles are returning again this year. Also representing Texas Rattlesnake Festival.

        So proud we going to have all sorts of creepy crawling Reptiles thanks to Kaitlin and her group from Sandman Exotics

        So excited Gina's Heart of Gold Reptile Rescue, Education, Rehab, & Adoption. 
        Our Program is filled with education

        Other sponsors who make this event happen
        we cant do it without you.

        *Richard & Faye Degetaire
        *Billo & Amanda Scott- T-shirt Sponsor
        *The Bait Shack
        *Amber Coles- T-shirt Sponsor
        *James Wall family- T-sponsor
        *Twinkle Webber- T-Shirt Sponsor
        *B & K Liquor Store- T-Shirt Sponsor
        *Lone Star Aquaponics- T-Shirt Sponsor

        *Gates open at noon- fishing tournament begins at 1

        *Begin Camp Set Up

        6pm Dinner- Burgers w/trimming

        8 pm to 11 pm Live Entertainment


        8am- Breakfast & Prayer w/ Pastor Nick Oak Shade Baptist 

        *Coloring contest and drawing

        *Volleyball Tournament

        *Celebrity Panel speaking on bullies, gangs, self worth, and succeeding- Autographs & Photos

        12pm- LUNCH
        45 Minute  GATOR COUNTRY Show with Roger Rivers SWAMP PEOPLE

        1 to 2pm  Performances from Aztec Dancers- Hopefully a surprise GUEST

        2pm-3pm- Performance By Former Harlem Globetrotters and my friend Reggie "Airman" Dixon Former Globetrotter

        3pm- 4pm- Karaoke Contest hosted by the awesome Jimmy Enloe
        and Sponsor Award ceremony

        *Presentation by Sgt Weathersby from our Present Military to our Past Veteran Hero's

        4 to 5pm -
         *Presentation by Sgt Weathersby from our Present Military to our Past Veteran Hero's

        *Performance By The Awesome EDDIE Bee- Check out his web-site. Amazing story of life struggles to Pastor and 33 Hit CD's

        *Boy Scout Demonstration By Troop 95
        *Horseshoe Tournament
        *Dress Up Fun Run

        Performance by Winner of 2015 Rodeo ROCK STAR- Our amazing-Shayne Porter
        *Dinner-Family winnie Roast-Parent Participation w/ smores


        8pm-Movie in the woods with the awesome Blanket Top Theater & my friend Jayson. He comes all the way from Dallas to help

        9:30 to 10:30

        *9am-  Breakfast & Worship ( With Pastor Nick Oak Shade Baptist Church)

        *Clean-up and pack up

        *fishing tournament over at noon
        *1 pm Fishing tournament awards + Drawing Contest awards

        *Must leave by 5pm

        6th Annual Richard Hanks & Mitzi 

        Johnson Hanks Memorial
        Hug-A-Tree/Kiss-A-Fish Youth 3 day Adventure

        May 15th-17th 2015
        The Retreat At Artesian Lakes
        Event Agenda



        *Gates open at noon- fishing tournament begins at 1

        *Begin Camp Set Up

        6pm Dinner- Burgers w/trimming

        8 pm to 11 pm Live Entertainment with  Jason West and West of The Trinity Band


        8am- Breakfast & Prayer w/ Pastor Nick Oak Shade Baptist 

        *Coloring contest and drawing contest 
        *Crafts & Games
        *Puppet Show by Miss Connie

        *Volleyball Tournament
        *Presentation w/Sandman Exotics-Katlyn & Mathew 

        *Celebrity Panel speaking on bullies, gangs, self worth, and succeeding- Autographs & Photo donations

        12pm- LUNCH
        *Top Sponsor Awards
        *15 minute presentation with GATOR COUNTRY

        1 to 1:30  Performances from Aztec Dancers

        1:30 to 2pm- Performance by Cheyenne James Lil Blue Eyed Soul

        2 to 3pm
        *Presentation by Sgt Weathersby from our Present Military to our Past Veteran Hero's

        *Get ready To Rock with the amazing Ralph Elizondo #1 Houston Elvis. Tribute to our Soldiers GI BLUES SHOW

        3 to 3:30
        *Demonstration By Crossbone Corns- Adrian

        *3:30 to 4:00
        Performance by Winner of 2015 Rodeo ROCK STAR- Our amazing-Shayne Porter

        4:00: More Entertainment by #1 Houston Elvis 70's Show

        *Boy Scout Demonstration By Troop 95
        *Horseshoe Tournament
        *Dress Up Fun Run

        *Dinner- Family winnie Roast-Parent Participation w/ smores
        *Entertainment By Wild Cactus Rose Band

        *Pajama Contest-Adults & Youth (Prizes)
        *Musical Chairs-Prizes

        8pm-Movie in the woods with the awesome Blanket Top Theater & my friend Jayson. He comes all the way from Dallas to help

        9:30 to 10:30- Last performance of the evening concert with Cheyenne James a young lady with a incredible voice

        *9am-  Breakfast & Worship ( With Pastor Nick Oak Shade Baptist Church)

        *Clean-up and pack up

        *fishing tournament over at noon
        *1 pm Fishing tournament awards + Drawing Contest awards

        *Must leave by 5pm

        235 Chain O Lakes 
        Resort Cleveland

         The Retreat at Artesian Lakes (formerly Chain - O - Lakes Resort & Conference Center) is a uniquely designed, nature-focused facility with authentic log cabins (26 lakefront log cabins
        Located on the edge of the Texas Big Thicket National Preserve, about one hour north of Houston, The Retreat at Artesian Lakes offers overnight accommodations in authentic log cabins, log suites, and private log homes

        Top Sponsors 2015 

        The Community & Children's Impact Center
        BRK Foundation-Butch & Kelly Sheehy
        The Retreat At Artesian Lakes
        John & Stacy Admur
        The Greensheet
        Woodforest National Bank-Spring
        Woodforest Nat'l Bank-Astacosita
        Woodforest Nat'l bank-Cleveland
        Bass Pro-Pearland- Tim Corwin 
        Ducks Unlimited- Tim Soderquist
        Blanket Top Theater
        Jack & Tommi Kelley
        James Hollie
        United States Army-Sgt 1st class- JW Weatherby
        Pepsi Cola
        Martin Chevrolet-Cleveland
        Richard and Faye Degetaire
        Fire Department Hero's
        Donna Wallace-DJ
        Dr. Gottipati-Cleveland
        Reggie Legion

        The Trading Post
        Steven Coope-Aflac
        Jason McLelland-KXAX Radio
        Deputies Jack & Tommi Kelley

        Tax Savers
        Clements Custom Flooring
        Chris & Zac Coles
        Custom Sign Crafters

        Texas Parks & Wildlife
        United States Forestry

        Big Town Decals
        Constable Ken Jones
        Chief Jason Robalais
        Richard & Faye Degetaire
        Debbie Porter Photography
        Memory Makers Cakes
        On Call Pc Service
        Bailey's Bar-B-Q
        United States Army
        Lisa Kaster
        United States Air-Force
        Romayor Fire Dept.
        Cypress Lakes Fire Dept.

        She will Insurance
        Pro Waste
        American Red Cross
        Jessica Brown
        Officer Chris Simmons
        Ted Talbott
        RW Gems
        Renteria Fire Protection
        Jeremy Willis-MBR Entertainment
        Dayton 146 South RV Park
        HEB-Cleveland-Miss Penny

        I want to Thank Wyatt Smith Owner of The Retreat at Artesian Lakes & is staff for caring

        I want to thank the awesome staff @ Greeensheet sponsor for last 3 years and a $10,000 advertisement donated this year

        Last 3 years sponsors ship from Bass Pro Pearland. I cant thank Tim Corwin and Bass for for caRing and getting involved to help our kids.

        We are always honored to have our friend Tim Soderquist with Ducks Unlimited. He 2 yr. sponsorship and booth has been amazing. Tim is a wonderful person who cares.

        Entergy has been amazing to us 3 year sponsor. We are so grateful

        Thanks Woodforest 3 yr. Sponsor. This year Spring, Cleveland & Atascosita Branch donates. We are so thankful.

        Thanks So much Pepsi Cola

        I can't wait 1st yr. we will have Gator Country attending our event. They will be having a educational booth with a 20 minute presentation.


        Once again our favorite person Jayson with Blanket Top is returning for the 3rd yr. Cant thank you enough Jayson. You drive 4 hours to get here it makes me proud

        I want to thank Jason McLelland for always supporting our cause and being there for the kids. we love his radio station KXAX RADIO LIVINGSTON, TX.

        We are so proud to have Kidaroma joining us and hope to have a bright future together helping children. Proud to know Kayrn & her family

        We Are proud once again to have the amazing sponsorship of one of the # one fishing companies. Cabela's has sponsored over the last 4 yrs.

        Cant thank our friends at ABC Dental for the past 4 yrs support on this project. Together we make a difference

        On Call PC Services
        John Seifert-is the master mind behind all the fliers, banners and program books for the last 4 yrs. John thanks so much for being their for us and the children.


        So very proud to have the kind folks from TPWD who helps us make a difference

        I am so proud to have the support of the kind folks at The Trading Post thanks for all you do for us and your community.

        I am so very proud to have a friend Nancy Garciaand many more from the Forestry Service working together for our community and children

        Thanks so muchDavid Carr for your kindness. Davis will be donating decals & a face painter to highlight the event. We are so grateful

        Bailey's Bar-B-Q
        Cleveland, Texas
        We are so very proud to have a awesome Bar-B-Q company donating their time and great food to cater to the amazing celebrities who are coming this year. Team work with great people.

        Ralph Elizondo-#1
        Houston Elvis
        2 performances- tribute to our Military Service Men & Women- GI Blues show & 70's Show. times 2-3pm & 4-5 pm-Dress the ERA during show and win prizes

        Celebrity Guest who cares about our children 2015

        We are so very excited to have        Dallas Cowboy
            #25 Lance Dunbar

        when celebrities take their valuable time to get involved and not let success go to their heads they have my utmost respect.
        Responsible is his awesome Uncle Seven Cooper/Aflac Agent. Now our good friend. Thanks so much Steven for caring

        My friend and Hero to many. I cant say enough wonderful things about Termite. He has always been there for me and the kids. Along with his beautiful wife Cindy
        World Famous Boxer
        Termite Watkins

        Another true friend and mentor to many. His heart is big as his career. I am proud to call this legend my friend. Thanks for taking your time to come.

        3X World Champion
        Reggie Johnson 

        Reggie Dixon
        I am so very grateful for the kindness and time given from Mr. Reggie Dixon Former Harlem Globe Trotter. I appreciate these celebrity figures so much. These children will be so excited

        I want to thank Rosemary Galpin for her kindness she has volunteered to make some beautiful cakes with our logs for the event. LEARN A LITTLE ABOUT HER.
        About Rosemary Galpin, Sugar Artist
        Owner of Memory Makers Cakes

        My road to confectionery art was a long one, with lots of twists and turns. I worked with many mediums before discovering sugar. Fabric was my passion through my teens and twenties. Craft shows held my interest in my thirties. Wood, paint, and glass helped fulfill my artistic need during my forties.

        In 2008, shortly before my fiftieth birthday, a friend suggested that we take a Wilton course. I always enjoyed baking so I signed up for the class. My friend lost interest after course one, but I was hooked! I took all the Wilton classes offered and craved more!

        Near the end of the last course the instructor told our class about the Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show. He suggested that we all convoy to Tulsa to “check out the talent” and we agreed. When I told my husband about the road trip, he said why not enter a cake? I ended up doing two. I won first place for my tiered wedding cake, second for my seasonal and best of division in the adult advanced category. I was further blessed when Maria McBride chose my wedding cake for Brides Magazine's 75th Anniversary Edition in Feb 2009!

        A short time later I met Martha and Becky of Sweet Southern Ladies. Their encouragement helped me decide that 50 is not too old to start a new career and Memory Makers Cakes was born. My wonderful husband of 26 years helped make my dream a reality by building my commercial kitchen. (And he makes all my butter cream too!)

        My work has been featured in Brides Magazine, Modern Wedding Cakes and Chocolates, American Cake Decorators Magazine, Cake Central Magazine, Mail Box News Magazine, Hill Country Sun Magazine and The Smithville Times.

        Specializing in fondant and gum paste work, I provide high end wedding, grooms, corporate and large event cakes. My philosophy is to provide my clients with  wonderful memories of their special day, one cake at a time.

        2015 T-Shirt Sponsors-All sponsors over $200.00 will also be included on shirts & vendor booths

        Nancy Hair Cutting Salon
        Mayor Niki & Teresa Coats-Depot Storage
        Big Creek Cowboy Church
        Rockin K Horse Rescue
        ABC Dental
        RW Gems
        Joe Williams-Shepherd EDC
        James  Hollie
        Cleveland Radio Shack
        Sears Home Town Store
        Twinkle Webber-Shepherd Chambers
        Bill & Jean McAdams
        Shepherd Sanctuary
        Tricia Dillard
        Joyce Davis Radio Show
        Youth For A Better Life
        Shepherd Sanctuary 
        Walter Fontenot Attorney at Law
        Community Propane & community Feed & Grain

        Hill Top grocery Store
        Blanket Top Theater
        Down South Liquor
        Big Thicket Vet
        Superior Title
        Beverly Sealy
        Imagination Cakes
        Nicholos Earthworks, LLC
        Trinity River Bottom Boys
        Jeremy & Elisha Murray
        Barbara McIntyre

        Special People we couldn't do this without!

        Romayor Bait Shop
        KTHT- 97.1 Country Legends
        Brookshire Brothers-Cleveland
        Elisha & Jeremy Murray
        Cleveland Pharmacy
        Coats Jewelry

        San Jacinto County

        Constable Roy Pippen                                            San Jacinto County Sheriff Capers

        San Jacinto County

        Officer Chris Simmons                                             Liberty County Officers                                                                                   Larry Allen & John Joslin
        Harris County Pct 3 Support is so appreciated
        Deputy Tommi & Jack Kelley
        Constable Ken Jones
        Chief Robalais

        Thanks so much Brandon Cruz & Joey Winburn they are traveling all the way from Austin, Texas to help make this event even more spectacular for the kiddos. Laser Guns are coming

        We are so excited Sgt. First Class JW Weathersby and other United State Army will be attending and donating the Rock Climbing Wall. Team work! We are proud to have our hero's of the United States participating

        Sgt Weathersby will be hosting a presentation from PRESENT MILITARY to our PAST VETERANS.  SUPPORT OR TROOPS Who give back daily.

        Extremely proud I got a chance to speak with all division of our Arm Forces who are very excited about attending this event. They are working on what they can bring to the event. God is sending amazing people to this event. Be apart of something memorable for these children.

        MADD- People who make a difference. Miss Kathy helped save my life as she does many. So proud to have them at our event.

        We are so excited to get to hear the performance of  "Wild Cactus Rose"
        Thanks for donating your valuable time!

        The amazing Aztec Dancers
        donating their time for 5 years

        We are always proud to have Troop 95. Educating our youth on skills of life. We welcome Troop 300 this year.
        Bring your Boy Scout & Girl Scout Troop out it's a adventure

        We just love Mr. James Van Winkle best balloon artist I've ever seen

        Thanks American Red Cross for coming to set up a educational booth. You too can set up a free booth

        Thanks ABC Dental 3 yr sponsor. We Love you guys.

        We appreciate the Liberty  & San Jacinto County Game Wardens Button & Reynolds for attending & Educating our youth

        We are always so proud to have the Lower Trinity Birders & Barbers Hill High school attending they make the event so exciting. Thanks Gary & Stewart and your team for caring

        I cant thank Liberty County & San Jacinto Sheriff's dept for your help at this event. It's wonderful to know you care.

        Debbie Porter Photography- I haven't got a chance to meet this amazing lady but by talking  her I know she has a heart for our children and is giving of her heart for this event. She has written 3 children's books and has many talents.

        5th Annual coming May 16th, 17th, 18th 2014
        5th Annual Hug-A-Tree/Kiss-A-Fish
        Richard Hanks Memorial 
        Youth 3 day Adventure & Youth & Adult Fishing Tournament
        ATTENTION: ALL ADULTS MUST MAKE A COPY OF THIS LIABILITY FORM OR CAN PICK ONE UP AT GATE ( you can add your children to your form). YOU CAN ALREADY HAVE YOURS READY. Also INDEX CARD FOR EACH DRIVER. with Name of driver, DL#, Make & Model of vehicle and how many in vehicle. This will get you in the gate quicker.
        TOP SPONSORS 2014
        BRK FOUNDATION-Highest Sponsorship 2014
        Everyone is so thrilled to be back at The Preserve of Texas thanks to Miss Judy Miller and Abe Levitz
        Can't thank James Hollie  Strike USA Forman and Pate Family Owners of Strike USA $1,000.00 sponsorship 
        We are extremely proud to have the support of Pearland Bass Pro again this year. Tim the manager is awesome!
        We are so proud to have the support again this year with even a bigger contribution from Spring Branch $500.00 + $250.00 from Cleveland  Branch
        I want to say a special thanks to Chester
        Moore for  bringing his Kingdom Zoo Program and taking his valuable time to be apart of this event. Chester is the Executive Editor for The Texas Fishing & Game Magazine. 
        Awesome 45 minute Magic Show
        I want to say a special thanks to Game Warden Button for setting up a alligator display this year
        We are so excited to have Tim Soderquist District Supervisor attending and setting up a Ducks Unlimited Booth
        WE are excited with the help of Nancy Garcia we may have Smokey Bear coming
        I can't tell you how proud we are to have the continued support of such a amazing company. We could not do it without you.
        Thanks Cabela's for caring
        I want to thank my dearest  friend World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins_CEO of Fighter Nation-Co Founder David Pereida. They are bringing some extremely talented youth boxers Gibert Renteria 17- 3 time National Champion & Olympic boxing training partner #2 Gisselle Villarreal-14yr.old 8th grade She is a National Contender & USA Nationals Bronze Medalist, Jose Campos-15yr. old  National Champion & 2014 USA Boxing Bronze Medalist, This wonderful group will be speaking on How to turn negative into positive and Bullies.
        I can't thank Tami Lilly employee at Bordons and the Bordons company for their continued support each year. Bordons has been amazing. We cant do it without you
        2014 Celebrity Guest
        World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins
        Coach David Pereida hes worked with professional boxers, Olympic boxers, top amateur boxers. He is Gulf Boxing Association Junior Olympic Chairman.
        *Gilbert Renteria is 17-3X National Champion & Olympic training partner
        *Gisselle Villarreal-Age 14 8th grade- National Champion &  USA Boxing Bronze Medalist
        *Jose Campos 15yr old 9th grade- National Champion & 2013 Bronze Medalist


         Special thanks to Carlos Wallace Arthur of the new Book Life is  not Complicated You ARE for coming and sharing his wisdom and hope with us all.
        Thanks so much Miss Liz Faublas for your support and caring about our children!!!
        Mr. CARLOS will be unable to come this year and will be very much Missed but He is still making a wonderful  contribution to the event along with his beautiful  Booking agent Miss Liz  Faublas who is also doing a contribution. Together we make a difference. 

        We are proud to have my friend World Famous Wrestler and body guard Al "Rage"Walker. He will be speaking about Bullies
        Two great guys who really care about our children (RED SHIRT) Earl Gelston Jr. our favorite DJ and Mr. Mike Hammond Owner of  KSBT RADIO-SEABROOK, TEXAS & Independent Talent Scout for American Idol and The Voice

        I cant tell you how excited we are about my friend Jayson being one of our major sponsors this year. He will be coming from Dallas, Texas to set up a complete movie Theater in the woods for the children!
        We are so proud to have Chester MooreExecutive Editor of The Texas Fishing andGame Magazine joining us this year. We are so proud to have supporters like this that cares ABOUT OUR CHILDREN.
        I AM Very excited to have Mr. RichardWalker radio personality coming this year to video and record some of our event special people doing special things to make this event awesome
        I want to say a special thank you to my friends Tommi and Jack Kelly for caring enough to get involved and com all this way to make sure our event and children are safe.
        Appreciation goes out to Constable KenJones & Sheriff David Franklin - Harris County
        We are proud to have the amazing Aztec Dancers back for 4th year in a row.
        Thanks so much to all the customers who are shopping with us and donating your items you don't need. Your support helps us do events like this. Visit us now 11231 Hwy 150 Suite A Shepherd, Texas
        SPNSOR UPDATE: I like to always make sure our caring sponsors know they are appreciated: THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE MAKING THIS EVENT HAPPEN. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR CARING:
         *The Preserve of Texas...
        *Community & Children's Impact Team
        *Bass Pro
        *Strike USA
        *Entergy-Doug McCormick
        *Woodforest National Bank-Spring & Cleveland
        *Chester Moore- Executive Editor-Texas Fishing & Game Magazine
        *Cabela's Fishing
        *Bordon's Milk-Tami Lilly
        *Reddy Ice-George
        *BRK Foundation-TOP SPONSOR
        *Butch & Kelly Sheehy
        *Tommi & Jack Kelly
        *Constable Ken Jones
        *Sheriff David Franklin
        *On Call PC Services
        *John & Stacey Amdur- Republican for Congress
        *Blanket Top Theater
        *Reggie Johnson-3X World Champion (MAYBE)
        *World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins
        *Fighter Nation
        *David Pereida- Gulf Boxing Association-Junior Olympics
        *Gibert Renteria
        *Gisselle Villareal
        *Jose Campos
        *Al "Rage" Al 'Rage' Walker
        *Richard Clay Walker
        *Carlos Wallace
        *Ducks Unlimited-Tim Soderquist
        *Mike Hammond-Owner KSBT Radio
        *Earl Gelston Jr & Family
        *ABC Dental
        *Mayor Niki & Teresa Coats
        *Frontier & Equipment
        *Lisa Vivienne Gibson
        *Bob Wilkinson
        *State Farm Cleveland
        *Bill & Jean McAdams
        *Cleveland Advocate
        *Tanning & Treasures-Shepherd
        *GEO group

        *James Van Winkle
        *Ted Talbott
        *Rockin K Rescue
        *Texas Parks & Wildlife
        *United States Forestry Service
        *Big Kahuna's
        *Aztec Dancers
        *Sunshine Party Rental
        *B & K Moonwalk
        *Philip & Henry Magic Show
        *Houston Paddle Sports
        *Chris Coles
        *James Hollie
        *Jimmy Spurlock
        *Joseph Vasquez
        *The Greensheet
        *Ray Myers-Sears
        *Game Warden Button
        *Echo Kids-Diana Garcia
        *American Red Cross
        *United States Army
        *TPWD Angler Program
        *Kathy Holder- Bug display
        *Becky Brown-RSVP company
        *Texas Dept of Health
        *Girl Scout Troop-Cleveland
        *John Seifert Family
        *Parie Family
        *Fregia family
        *James Wall
        *Amanda Rogers family
        *Tamarynn Wall
        *Chloe Morrell
        *Kimberly Palmer
        *Counseller Family
        *Gelston Family
        *Tena Carpenter
        *Kate Gelston
        *Big Creek Cowboy Church
        *Jamie Weemes
        *Justin Weemes
        *James Franklin & Michael Duren
        *Cleveland Walmart
        *Cleveland HEB
        *The Damn Good Times
        *Peter Ryba/Attorney
        *Gator Toes Towing
        *Oak Shade Baptist Church
        *Absolute Drug & Alcohol
        *Big Thicket Vet

        *Cypress Lakes Fire Department
        SCHEDULE for 2014
        Friday May 16th- gates open at 2pm except for Impact team- Set up your camp sights you check in sign liability forms and get a map with directions to wilderness area.
        *Set Up your camp areas
        *Dinner served at 7pm for over night guest
        Saturday Morning: 17TH
        Breakfast at 8am-Prayer with Pastor Nick Oak Shade Baptist Church
        9am- Hiking tour with Girl Scout & Lower Trinity Birder watching group & Craft tables
        10am: Photography Contest bring your own digital camera-( Coloring Contest w/ Jamie Weemes), (volleyball tournament w/ Crystal Autrey)Pereida-Fighter Nation & the Awesome Al "Rage" Walker & Richard walker. Learn what it's like to fight back with God and integrity.
        11pm- Bully Program with Inspiring Celebrities World famous Boxer Termite Watkins, David Pereida-Fighter Nation, the Awesome Al "Rage" Walker & Richard Walker and last but no least (Hopefully) 3X World Champion Reggie Johnson. Learn what it's like to fight back with God and integrity. Special Guest include to include Gibert renteria 3X National Boxing Champion Olympic training partner, Gisselle Villarral-Contender USA National Bronze Medalist, Jose Campos-National Champion-2014 USA Boxing Bronze Medalist. Your dreams can come true.
        12pm- Awesome Lunch with Bar-B-Q, Deep Fried Turkeys w. trimming and hot dogs for the children- AMAZING PERFORMANCES BY: Aztec Dancers
        1pm- Award Ceremony for special Sponsors who made this event possible- Guest speakers- Your chance to get up and say something about why you enjoy this event so much.
        2pm-Amazing MAGIC SHOW & illusions by PHILIP & HENRY 45 minute show
        3 to 4pm- Family Break time: Do as you please enjoy the Rock climbing wall, swimming pool, Water slide, Kayaks & Canoe rides, Fishing tournament, Beach, Moonwalk, Or sing with DJ Earl Gelston he's awesome!
        4pm- TIME TO ROCK THE WOODS- With Earl Gelston Jr. DJ-Karaoke Contest- With Our amazing Judges Mike Hammond with KSBT Radio and Independent talent Scout for American Idol and The Voice, Our favorite Miss Jean McAdams, Still looking for 2 more Judges.
        5pm to 6pm-Family Time again- Family time and your children is most important this is what this event is about. Grab your children and do something fun.
        6pm- Family Winnie roast, campfire, and story time- You get to tell your best family vacation story, or make one up on your own. Let's get to know our new friends.
        7pm- Dance off Contest: Bring you a outfit that will make you stand out to the judges. It can be anything or just yourself. Costume is not required but you have to stay dancing the whole time or your out. The last person left dancing will win the prize. GOOD LUCK!
        8pm- Thanks to Jayson with Blanket Top Theater you and your family will top the evening off with a movie in the Woods. How amazing is that? Bring your favorite pajama's you might win a prize (Adults & Children)
        10pm- Campfire and Guitar singing. After this your own your own to enjoy the rest of the evening. I am going to be worn out. BRING YOUR GUITARS
        We were so proud this past year 2013 we had 526 guest. Thanks to our amazing sponsors we were able to feed every one for 3 days and won a award from Entergy for our community efforts to help bring joy to our children and family unity.
              Please remember to rsvp (Gated Community)
        201 Cypress Lakes Circle
        Cleveland, Texas 77327
        Begins Friday May 17th 5pm
        Sunday May 19th 2pm 
        *Cabins for rent- small fee  *Campsites Free  *No Fishing License Required
        Contact: Brenda Myers (936)-499-2632
        I Can't Wait til next year!
        Thanks James Hollie dedicated employee of Strike USA who has supported us over the last 5 years. We were proud to have Strike USA as a major sponsor this year.
        Mike Hammond-Owner- KSBT Seabrook & Independent Talent Scout
        with Top Notch Talent that specializes in training for
        American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor
        I want to say thank you to my new friend
        and the new part of my Army of Angels.
        Mike will be doing a live broadcast from the Hug-A-Tree Event. He will be listening to you sing at 2pm at our  karaoke contest.
        Thanks Mike for caring
        Ricky Bretherton/from Billy the Exterminator
        A want to say a special thank you to Miss Kim Ricky's sweetheart who made
        it possible for Ricky to come. They will be bringing the Vexcon truck and their wolves.
        So don't forget your autograph books and camera.
        Al  Rage Walker/Pro Wrestler/Body Guard
        (See clip Jenny Jones Show 2007)
        Richard Walker-President of TUFA
        Texas United Football Association
        World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins/
        Look for Termite's movie coming soon 
        Reggie Johnson-3x World Champion Boxer
        (Going for 4th World Title)
        Mr. Carlos Wallace-- Sol Caritas Houston
        Executive Producer @ Houston's All Stars of Comedy
        Dance With US: 8pm to midnight
        w/Cody Joe Tillman & the Wicked Truth & Raymond Stewart
        Special thanks toFrank-N-Stein
        Music- New Store in Liberty, Texas
        Now open also Guitar & Piano Lessons
        Thanks Cody  donating your time
        and getting equipment donated!
        Special Guest Singers:
        Shayne Porter
        Brook Paxton
        Top Sponsors:
        We couldn't do it without you!
        *Preserves of Texas- Top Sponsor:
        This will be the playground for
        3 days of fun, education, unity,
        family, fishing and camping.
        Thanks to The Preserve of Texas &
        Staff for opening your doors  &
        heart to the children & community.
        BRK Foundation-TOP SPONSOR-Cash Donation
        Entergy Top Sponsor- Cash Donation
        Strike Top Sponsor-Cash Donation
        Thanks so much Pate Family
        Your kindness will touch lives
        *Woodforest National Bank Top Sponsor-Cash Donation
        We appreciate Woodforest Employee's 
        on our team
        *Stephanie Seifert
        *James Wall
        *Kim Palmer                     
        *Cabela's Fishing
        *The Greensheet
        Reddy- Ice- Mr. George Valadez
        I want to thank Mr George @ Reddy
        Ice for all your kindness. This  is
        there 3rd year to sponsor this event
        Ducks Unlimited-Thanks so much Mr. Tim
        Bordon's Joins the team again this year
        Thanks to Tami Lilly  Bordons
        employee and our dear friend.
        Second year to sponsor.
        *Texas Parks & Wildlife
        Dawn Bellows will be educating
        guest on search and rescue with
        her search dog BEAR
        TPWD Biologist Chris Gregory
        is  bringing 3 tables of education
        including some live critters
        Caleb with the angler program-your
        child receives certificate
         *Fishing Tackle Unlimited
        *US Forestry Service
        Thanks to Nancy Garcia TPWD
        *Strike Construction
        Thanks to one of your employees
        James Hollie
        I want to thank the "Cooking For Teal"
        Cook-off Team for donating their
        time and heart  They are cooking
        Sunday lunch for us
        *Sierra Club-Brandt-Bringing 3 tables of education
        *Aztec Dancers
        *Impact Center
        *American Red Cross
        Thanks Miss Jessica & Philip Grantham
        *Boy Scouts of America
          Troop 95 returns/ Learn New Skills
        they were awesome
        *On Call PC Services
        John Seifert who kindly
        donates our banners &
        designed our new logo for
        event and shirt.
        *Keith Fields & his "Serving Project Bus"
        for disabled Vets or Children
        Please don't let a disability stop  you from
        coming Keith has designed the bus for complete comfort for you
        THIS BUS Back on the road!
        Important Contributors
        *Preserve of Texas
        *Abe Levitz & Gina Conn
        *Judy Miller
        *The Impact Team
        *Country Artist Rick Trevino
        *Country Artist Angie Beck
        *Brian Thomas-Angie Beck Band
        *The GreenSheet
        *Woodforest National Bank
        *Bob Wilkinson
        *On Call PC Services
        *John Robinson-Houston Urban League
        *Texas Fishing & Game Magazine (Chester)
        *Deputy Tommie Ashmore
        *Constable Ken Jones
        *Holiday Inn & Suites
        Shaun Petitt-Channel 2
        Vanesa Brashier-Cleveland Advocate
        *McCoy's /Joe
        Suresh "Siv" London, England
        *Bass Pro-Pearland
        *Fishing Tackle Unlimited
        *United Forestry Service
        *Texas Parks & Wildlife
        *American Red Cross
        *Strike USA
        *James Hollie-Strike USA
        *Jimmy Spurlock
        *Cody Tillman & The Wicked Truth
        *Frank n Stein Music
        *Eco Kids
        *Blanket Top Theater
        Ted Talbott
        *Dawn Bellows & Bear TPWD-Search & Rescue
        *Anne & Kenny Walls
        *On Call Pc Services
        *Kim Palmer
        *The Preserve Staff
        *Aztec Dancers
        *Boy Scout Troop 95
        *Lisa Kaster & Terry Ray
        *Game Warden Adam
        *Barbara Ellis Schlabra
        *John Robinson- Houston Urban League
        *James Van Winkle
        *Cooking For Teal
        *We Fight Like A Girl
        *Kathy Holder & Family
        *Ruth Helton
        *Ducks Unlimited- -Tim Soderquist
        *Richard & Faye Degetaire
        *Larry Morton
        *Chris Coles
        *Sam's Warehouse
        *Dr Ray McLendon/Clear Choice Otho
        *The Serving Project Keith Fields
        *Smith Insurance
        *Sunshine Party Rental
        *Big Thicket Vet
        *BRK Foundation
        *Deputy Tommi Ashmore
        *Bob Wilkinson
        *Ted Talbott
        *Houston Zoo
        *Sierra Club--Brandt
        *Damn Good Times Magazine
        **Bordon's Milk
        *Sheabrie Anders
        *Stone Liquidations
        *Depot Storage-Niki & Tearsa Coats
        *Liberty Opry House
        *Bill & Jean McAdams
        *Kim Taylor & Family
        *ABC Dental
        *Paddle Sports Houston
        *Earl Gelston Jr & Family
        *Good Promotions
        *John Seifert
        *The  Preserve Staff
        *Vicky Fregia & Family
        *Ramona Chapman-Igloo
        *Sam's Warehouse
        Smiths Insurance
        Big Thicket Vet
        Niki & Teresa Coats
        Ducks Unlimited
        Richard & faye Degetaire
        Lower Trinity Bird Watchers
        Anne & Kenny Walls
        Kathie Holder & Family
        *The Preserve Staff
        *james Georgous CMA Conviction
        *Cypress Lakes Fire Department
        WTS Outdoor Services
        GEO Group
        Crystal Autry family
        Marjorie Milburn Family
        Amanda Rogers Family
        John Seifert Family
        Schedule for 2013
        Hug-A-Tree/Kiss-A-Fish Youth 3 day adventure
        Friday May 17th
        *check in at 10am-Must rsvp to get in gate
        *Sign in sign release form and get ID bracelet
        *Tent set up
        *Fishing tournament begins at 5pm- Be sure to sign up with
        Larry or Chris before starting*Dinner at 7pm- Light dinner
        Saturday May 18th-
        Fishing tournament for youth ends at dark & Adults -directors call
        Breakfast & Prayer- James Georgous with CMA Conviction
        A)Nature Walk with Biologist Brandt Mannchen-Sierra Club)
        B)Bird Watching tours 8:30 - noon with ("Lower Trinity Birders Group")-Sign up at Booth-
        *Bird Identification contest 9am-10am-11am-2pm-3pm-4pm @ booth all youth who participate will be eligible to win a set of their own Binoculars.
        A) Dawn Bellow with rescue do "Bear" Search & Rescue Program
        B) Learn the art of Origami w/ Kathy Holder and family ( Need volunteers to help) Booth til 4pm
        11amHouston Zoo-Presentation on "NIGHT CRITTERS"
        A)Lunch with Cooking for Teal cook off team
        B)Brenda recognizes Sponsors & and Owners speak to you about Preserve of Texas
        A)Celebrity Panel with amazing guest speakers- Bring your autograph books
        *A)Karaoke contest- With Earl Gelston Jr.- Bring it on! Mike Hammond American Idol & The Voice independent scout w/Top Notch  Talent will be listening to you.
        *B) Birding Tour w/ Lower Trinity Birders Group- (This group is amazing)-Sign up at Booth
        A)Aztec Dancer-If you have never seen this performance your in for a treat.
        B)Flag Football on the beach
        A) Sand Building contest- Awards donated by Anne & Kenny Walls
        *Family Bingo game
        A)Adult Horseshoe & Washer tournament
        B) Youth Photography Contest
        6pm- Dinner- Spagetti with trims- Brenda recognizes Impact Team
        A)Pajama contest for Youth & Adults (Bring your cutiest of funniest PJ's/ Cake will be served
        B)Poker on the Patio- Winner takes all. $20.00 donation entry fee- Adults Ony8pm til 10pm- Enjoy a movie in the woods-By Blanket Top Theater10pm to 12am-working on a band to close the night out- We need a band to volunteer!
        I need poker & blackjack dealers
        Sunday May 19th- Fishing tournament resumes @ sun up and ends at 11am for everyone
        9am Breakfast
        10:30- Clean-up Leave No Trace Behind contest-Prizes to who collects most trash11am-Fishing tournament ends12pm- Lunch Sandwhiches and Brenda's Wilderness game1pm-Begin camp-site clean-up. Please leave your sight the way you found it. Please pick up cigeratte buttts too. KEEP TRASH BAG AT YOUR CAMP SIGHT!2pm- Fishing Tournament award ceremony hosted by Larry Morton & Chris ColesEVERYONE MUST LEAVE PRESERVE BY 5PM       
        Important Info:
        *You may enter park at 10am Friday morning 17th to set up camp site (MUST HAVE A GATE PASS)
        Please be respectful, follow all park rules. So we will be invited back! PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR AREA
        *Free Public event- Thanks to wonderful sponsors
        *We feed 1st 300 guest maybe more with more sponsors/ Your still invited after u can bring your own food
          everything else is free
        *3 day camp out & youth & Adult fishing tournament-Prizes will be  1st, 2nd & 3rd &
         prize for youth. 18 & over 1st & 2nd only! Grand Over All prize donated by Larry
        Morton valued at $900.00 Complete camping. The prize is amazing thanks Larry for caring. NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED WITH OUR id BRACLET-Bring your bait
        *RV Spaces  & CABINS available for small fee
        * 2 day campout: Please bring all your camping supplies. We are trying to find sponsors
        to help purchase (Tents and sleeping bags) so many had to sleep on the ground last year outdoor critters were a problem.Any donated tents would help so much.
        * When you get in park there will be signs to our location. Find our check-in station, sign in and get your identification bracelet. The rest is fun!
        *We are in need of kind T-Shirt Sponsors, $200.00 donation to get Blanket Top Theater here we have half of it paid for thanks to Lisa Kaster  & Terry Ray
        3rd Annual
        Richard Hanks Memorial Youth Fishing Tournament &
        3 day camp-out/ Please RSVP- Gated Community!!!!
        June 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2012
        You May enter park 9am Friday
        Liberty Lakes Resort
        201 Cypress Lakes Circle
        Cleveland, Texas 77327
        The 1st 200 people will be in the VIP group this will include your meals for 3 days. After the first 200
        you can still participate in ALL activities, camp out and youth fishing tournament you just must bring
        your own ice chest with food and drinks. If we get more Sponsors for food we can include
         more in our VIP Group. We are a small non-profit and do these events on donations only!
        We are filling up fast!     
        Thanks Channel 13 for                                   Thanks Cleveland Advocate thanks for
        caring about our children                                caring.                                                   
        Thanks so much Larry Morton & Chris Coles for inspiring the children and running the 3 day fishing tournament. Chris is a employee with Sam's Warehouse a wonderful supporter of communty & Children
        See all photos on facebook under
        Brenda santos myers
        Having problems uploading on web-site
        CALL Brenda Myers (936)499-2632
        Top sponsors
        This year's prizes are going to be awesome
        Liberty Lakes Resort
        Thanks to all the staff at Liberty
        Lakes this event is going to be spectacular for the children.
        Thanks Miss Judy & Mr.
        One of the Largest Companies in the World is helping us help our children!
        Thanks to;
        Mrs. Roxanne Coleman
        Thanks to one of our top sponsors
        ENTERGY we are going to be able t
        feed more kiddos and thier families
        Thanks for caring about your community
        and our children.
        Woodforest National Bank
        Thanks Cabela's for Your kindness!
        Suresh Sivy Sivarajah Top Sponsor
        My friend and CEO of Missionaries Around the
        World in London, England has donated to this
        event to help pay for the food for our guest.
        God is sending angels and we appreciate each
        and every one of them.
        This is called team work! INCREDIBLE!
        The Greensheet
        Thanks so much Misha McClure & The
        Greensheet for always supporting us
        and the Children!
        Thanks Shawn & Holly for caring about
        this event and our children. I appreciate
        the brisket donations and the Fishing
        guided tours you donated for the event.
        Team work is making this event
        spectacular! There will be picutes taken
        with Shawn and his boat too!
        We support our Vets & Disabled Thanks to
        Keith Fields,this bus will be at event.
        We invite our disabled vets & children to join us.
        Let's have some fun! Everything you need to
        have a wonderful time.
        Star-Spangled Bus to Serve Veterans
        HMQS is pleased to announce that The Serving Project Bus will be on special display at HMQS! 
         The Serving Project Bus, a 60’ bus created to meet all ADA accessibility standards, was built with love
         by Texan, Keith Field, to serve war veterans. The purpose of the bus is to transport veterans to and from
         medical appointments in comfort and dignity. Complete with Internet, a kitchen, washer & dryer facilities,
        800 lb. wheelchair lift, sleeping area, and even a walk-in whirlpool tub in the center of the bus – this bus treats
        veterans to a ride in style!  Details of the interior include “Purple Heart” hardwood shipped in from South America,
        and the official seal of the United States backlit on the stone mantle. HMQS attendees will have the opportunity to
         tour inside the deckedout bus, as well as speak with Keith about his inspiration for the bus. For more information
        on The Serving Project Bus you may visit their web site at
        American Red Cross
        American Red Cross Federal Agents
        will be kindly participating setting up
        a booth with kits for the children.
        People who care about community!
        CPR Presentation
        Texas Forestry Service
         I want to thank Game Warden Melissa Brown, Game Warden Adam,
         a new Game Warden Randy Button for assisting with the weigh
         in stations for our youth fishing tournament and making the
        children feel so special
        Joining us  Biologiost Keith Crenshaw that will take you
        on a adventure of knowledge!
        We will be proud to have the assistance
        of Game Warden Melissa Brown. Her
        knowledge and kindness is so appreciated

        We will be excited to see Game Warden Adam
        Come back he was so kind and patient with
        all the children.

        Keep your fingers crossed we are
        working on Smokey the Bear to come!

        We are excited about the Cleveland
        Boys Scout Troop 95. Joining us to
        help with our Adventure Hike!
        Performances By:
        The Incredible
        Aztec Dancers

        Caring Sponsors Participating:
        1.McCool's Ton's of Fun
        2.On Call PC Services-Computer Repair
        3.Cleveland Team Hovak
        4.ABC Dental
        5.James Van Winkle/Balloon Artist
        6.John Joslin- Making a contribution and helping with security AWESOME!
        7.Keith Fields & The Star Spangled Bus
        8. Jean & Bill McAdams
        9. Liz and Rodger Landruum
        10. McClains Grocery Store
        11. Sunshine Party Rental
        T-Shirt Sponsors so far: People who support our children!
        We need more sponsors for shirts please!
        1. Texan GMC Buick- Humble, Texas
        2. Bill Archer Entertainer
        3. Bill & Jean McAdams- Sponsor
        4. MasterCraft Specialties
        5. Standard Building
        6. Bob
        7. John Joslin-Liberty County Pct.6
        8. Ted Talbott
        9. ABC DENTAL- Sponsor
        10. Prissyladybug Quilts
        11. Chuck & Janie Sparks
        12. Chase" D. Fonteno
        13. Carlos Wallace
        14.Tim Alcorn-North Shore High
        15. Hands on Carpet Cleaning
        16.393 Legion Riders
        17. Steve & Phillis Tuttle
        18. Strike Construction- Spring, Texas
        *Fishing tournament begins at noon on Friday- Great Prizes
        *Performance by The Aztec Dancers
         *Scavenger Hunt
        *Lots of swimming
        *Lots of fishing
        *Lots of eating
        *Karaoke Contest By Earl Gelston Jr & DJ from 5 to 7

        *Dance & Performances By Brook Paxon & Shayne
        Porter from 7 to 10pm

        *Lesson from Troop 95 on putting up tents,
        safety, rope knots, etc.
        *Nature Hikes- Bird Identification
        *Archery & Kayaking w/ USFS- Dawn Bellows Friday afternoon only
        *American Red Cross/Be Red Cross Ready
        *2 night camping
        *Horseshoe Tournament
        *Archery Contest
        *Safety in the woods class
        *Swimming Lessons
        *Photography  Contest/Bring your digital camera
        *Nature Workshop
        *Drawing contest
        *Story Time
        *Identify animals & insects tour
        *Board games
        *Lots of FUN & EDUCATION
        *Camp-Fire Safety
        *Cork Gun Competiton
        *Swimming Races
        *Flag Football,Volleyball
        *Karoke Contest
        *Safety in the woods
        *Educational Hour
        Much More
        WE NEED YOU AS A SPONSOR: We are in need of camping supplies, prizes like fishing rods, tackle and tackle boxes, baseball tickets etc. We need prizes and food donations for this trip. We appreciate your kindness & your support.
        2011 2nd Annual
        Richard Hanks Memorial Youth Fish Tournament
        AUGUST 12th, 13th, 14th
        TOP SPONSOR: Donated By:
        Liberty Lakes Resort
        201 Cypress Lakes Circle
        Cleveland, Texas 77327
        People who care about our Children & Community
        Tell them your with the Impact Center Group to find site location
        Call Brenda Myers to sign up for event: (936)499-2632
         Impact Center, Liberty Lakes Resort, Liberty County Game Warden's, United States Forestry Service, Cabela Fishing Company
        Bring your fishing poles, sleeping bags,tents, and your desire to catch a fish
        A Special thanks to our Head Directors Chris Coles & Larry Morton
        for taking your time out to work with a child who needs a friend.
                                                      Larry Morton
        Fishing Tournament Directors
        Thanks for all your hard work!
        Chris Coles                                                            
        *Fishing tournament begins at noon on Friday- Great Prizes
        *Performance by The Aztec Dancers
        McDonald's Games and Possibility Ronald McDonald himself
        *Scavenger Hunt
        *Water Testing
        *Nature Hikes- Bird Identification
        *2 night camping
        *Horseshoe Tournament
        *Leave No Trace Behind class
        *Safety in the woods class
        *Swimming Lessons
        *Photography Class & Contest/Bring your digital camera
        *Nature Workshop
        *Drawing contest
        *Story Time
        *Identify animals & insects tour
        *Board games
        WE NEED YOU AS A SPONSOR: We are in need of camping supplies, prizes like fishing rods, tackle and tackle boxes, baseball tickets etc. We need prizes and food donations for this trip. We appreciate your kindness & your support.
        The Impact Team
        Liberty Lakes Resort
        United States Forestry Service
        Game Warden "Adam" Liberty County
        Melissa Brown Game Warden San Jacinto County
        Cabela's Fishing Company
        Aztec Dancers
        Friday:  Noon   Tent Set-up
         Let the Tournament Begin!
        6:30 p.m.   Hot Dog Roast
        All Day Fun, Games & Fishing, Swimming and water     
        safety, water testing, class rooms Without Walls Program,
        Safety class with Game Warden Melissa Brown, Photography contest,
        camping outdoors, lessons on putting up a safe
        camp-site, Importance of Leaving No Traces Behind, Hiking,
        Much more. What to do if you get lost in forest. Learn about the
        wildlife in your forest, Why it's Important to protect your lakes & rivers.
        Performance by Aztec Dancers, McDonald games.
        6:30 p.m.  
        Chicken BBQ
        Story Time
        8 p.m.       
        Tournament End
        9 a.m.       
        Prizes Awarded - Clean up sights
        1st Annual
        Camping Trip & Tournament
        June 18th-20th,2010 noon 'til noon
        at Double Lake, Texas, Camp Grounds
        This annual event will be a fun kick-off to the beginning of summer. Make plans to attend! Tell your friends!
        Get back to Nature and family Time. Have you ever been lost in the woods or lost from your home. Boy Scouts teach us to hug a tree and stay in one spot. This could save your life. Learn more about these kinds of skills and more.

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