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January 2020- Still improving on the centers a little at a time as donations come in. We are so grateful for the love and support.

January 24th 2020- 

Our First "Get It Off Your Chest" Session was incredible. I am so proud of all who attended. We were able to save a child's life and that's so uplifting to know we found a way to work together as a community to help each other. Every 3rd Saturday of the month a new Topic will be addressed. Fun activities, and food to follow each one.We are in need of food contributions for these sessions.
Thanks so much to all our Pastors, Counselors, Teachers, Parents, Law Enforcement,  youth, and Officials who attended this life changing program

January 2020- Impact Center Buildings coming to life thanks to these amazing volunteers. Our goal is to open a after school educational programs, Food Pantry, Play area for small children and youth to give them something to do that is positive in our area. There is nothing for our children out in this rural forgotten communities. Your contributions truly matter. We have been working so hard to get them done but still need so much if you can help.
chairs for the class room, school supplies, teacher supplies, bracing for around the sides of the buildings, Decking, 2 sets of steps, lighting, large deep freezers, packing supplies, 2 small lifts to move food supplies to building, 

January 9th 2020- Gearing up for our first "Get It Off Your Chest Session". These volunteers were amazing for donating their time to making this privacy fence. This program will include one hour session so youth & Adults can leave the bond of issues they can't deal with alone. Our goal is to save lives!

December 2019- So proud of our Impact Youth team for assisting in making Christmas come true for so many who had nothing for Christmas.

November 19th 2019- WE are always proud to work with our Woodforest National Bank Team. The work with our youth on teaching life skills, financing, sponsorship and more. We were teaming together for Teen suicide Awareness.

November 2nd 2019- Clint's mom invited all of us to attend the amazing Suicide Awareness Walk in honor of Clint. So many of our team went. It was sad, beautiful, and informative. Awareness is so important.

October 17th, 2019- Our Impact Center was donated a fire pit to go with our "Get It Off Your Chest" Sessions. We decided that we needed to find a way to communicate better with our youth and our community. We are grateful for the donation from Robert Payne and Lee Love. Changing lives together.


October 21st, 2020- Please Continue to pray for our community and our youth. In Honor Of Clint Schoppe With a heavy heart we lost one of our precious young men in our community. Clint will be truly missed. He stole our hearts. Rest in Peace #20 Shepherd Varsity Football. I love our community in how we all came together.

August 15th 2019-Impact Thrift Shop had the pleasure of donating dresses to Woodlands Park Seniors for their prom. They were so happy.

August 5th 2019- Impact Thrift Shop Wins Business of the month. Hard work has paid off!

July 13th 2019- Building fundraiser: It was so exciting to see everyone who turned out. I am grateful for all my celebrity friends who are always there for us.

July 4th Celebration: I was honored to be asked to open with prayer. The Impact center hosted the Patriot Dress up, Dance Contest, Pet Contest, every year. We sell items and set a booth to support our community.

June 22, 2019 Benefit for our friend and hero Deputy Richard Whitton. So proud to be a part of it.

June 6th 2019- Our Youth Kids get to visit and meet World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins and Evan Holyfield.

May 17th-19th 201910th Annual Hug A Tree/Kiss A Fish Program over 2400 participants. Thanks so much to all our sponsors for making it happen!

May 16th 2019- Gearing up for the 10th Annual Hug-A-Tree/Kiss A Fish. So proud to have Steve McGranahan the Worlds Strongest Redneck visit us all the way from Pittsburgh, PA. and his beautiful wife Gina.


May 2019- The buildings have arrived So excited. Dreams are coming true: Look at all the hard working people who are making it happen.

May 1st 2019 HERE COME THE BUILDINGS AND MAKING MORE DREAMS COME TRUE! Impact Center gets the long awaited blessing. Galena Park ISD sells them two building to continue the vision. Preparing for a new activity center, after school programs, and a temporary food Pantry. We still have a long way to go to make it happen. But we are off to a good start. Look at the hero's that made the move possible. ABS Pilot Car Service, East Tex Towing, Commissioner Donnie Marrs Pct 2, Williamson Services Goodrich, to all the State Troopers who gave of their valuable time. WE moved them across 4 Counties in the middle of the night. and the team work of everyone we got them placed and beams moved out. God is so good.


April 7th 2019 Impact Team Gearing up for the 10th Annual Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish the program is very costly so the team has to fundraiser. I am grateful for such a awesome team.

April 2019-Getting ready to bring in new buildings. We have had such amazing volunteers who has been so wonderful volunteering to help us. 

April 13th 2019- Proud to be invited to be apart of the Justice For Josey Scholarship Fundraiser

January 1st 2019 Begin working on 10th Annual Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish Program

January 8th 2019-Purchased a van to haul items but it is already broke down.

January 10th 2019- Trying to repair roof on our building. Not much success still needs work. Costs way too much to repair.

January 19th 2019-We get to meet John Schneider to talk about the Annual Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish Program

December 2018

October 2018- Collaboration with Woodlands Park Senior Assistant Living. We had a blast. We always love participating when it brings smiles to our community.

Posted July 7th 2018-Not quite a year ago one of the worst hurricanes hit our communities. while some are back on track there are so many who are still devastated still living in tents and tarp homes. Debri and trash still covers the Streets and yards, ditches and abandoned homes left with the trash piled high with no sound of life left there. Camilla Subdivision is a lost community with people that most do not want to mess with because of it's history of drugs, squatters, and very very poor people with some not having clean water, restrooms and staph has been a serious issue due to unclean conditions and no way to shower. 49% of our survey's show to have Former Veterans living in vehicle with no running water nor restroom access. If your seeing this post and want to get involved or join the team that is trying to make changes so these families can have hope again and the children can have a better quality of life. Look at the People Helping People. These photos are from June 7 2018 to present. Hungry families with no vehicles to get to food pantries, they lost everything including important documents they need to apply for assistance. There are hungry children and adults. We need non-perishable  food items, first aid items, jug water, kids clothes, Kid shoes, school supplies, camping supplies. We are working on finding concrete contractors we hope together we can build a outdoor concrete shower house/restrooms this will help eliminate a lot of the staph and illnesses due to unclean environments and contaminated grounds and water sources. The Community and Children's Impact Center is proud to be working with so many caring people and businesses to help make a difference. NOW- So sad!!!!

2018 Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish was a tremendous success because of all our wonderful sponsors.

September 2017 a Historical Hurricane Harvey hits our Texas Coast and the Impact Team was ready with hundreds of volunteers and amazing people who came to help our small forgotten communities. While Houston was hit hard they received the attention of celebrities, huge money support while our community itself and people from other cities and States came to help us. Lufkin Texas families came to our rescue and are still helping us get our lives back! WE are Texas strong and I am so proud of our Impact Team. As of September 18th the Impact Center is still a resource center and will continue to these families get their lives back. Thank you to all is helping us make a difference.

Gearing up for our best event of the year. Be a sponsor and make your sponsorship count.
May 19,20, 21st 2017

2016 Jesus To The Streets Program
I was so very proud of our team. The pictures are priceless
This was the first couple of days and the trip Impacted use all so much. I thought it would teach our youth something valuable but the lesson was also for us adults. Tear flowed like rain from us all. So much so we had to take another trip down to the bridge.

 We gave out our Business cards on this trip and a few days later we get a call from the homeless guys stating how much they appreciated what we did and they had went out and got some work so they could return the favor. They purchased a pinata for the kids.
     I also recieved a call from the Watkins family telling me it touched them so much that they went out and purchase a ton of food for Christmas dinner and want to take it to all the places we went. The Day before Christmas Eve we head back down to the bridge and when we seen the pinata hanging from the bridge tears flowed again. I stayed for that and the rest of the team delivered Christmas diner to so many others. This is what it is suppose to be about.
Merry Christmas to ALL!

Brenda Myers is so excited to be on the Board of The San Jacinto County Outreach Committee. November 2016 we feed over 800 people and gave out 250 meals.

The Impact Center is super excited to team with The Health Centersof Southeast Texas October 15th, 2016 at Cleveland High school 9am to bring awareness to physical fitness and obesity. Join us in a fun morning of jogging around the track, lots of celebrity friends, cool games and booths. Learn to LIVE HEALTHLY.

OCTOBER 1st 2016 Fundraiser

IMPACT CENTER IS WORKING ON GETTING OUR NEW LAND and BUILDING. 9 Weeks ago the Impact Center needed $25,000.00 to obtain the land and purchase a new building as of Oct. 1st 2016 we only need $5,605.00. This does not include the funds we need to raise to get our slab poured. You still can help us by donating today. It's almost tax time and it would be a great tax deduction. These wonderful people below who is making this dream come true. You can have your name added to the list and be apart of history in San Jacinto County and helping our children.
All these names will be put on our building for generation after generation to see!!

3X World Champion Reggie Johnson
World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins & Cindy Watkins
Lance Dunbar #25 Dallas Cowboys Running Back
Movie Producer John Duffy
Kenny Cooper
Mayor Earl Brown
Woodforest National Bank
Woodforest National Bank Employees
Peach Williamson & Connie Munde
Ted Talbott
Karen Green Family
Nolan & Sherryl Evans
James Wall
Jenna Burnside & Family
Leo Vargas and Family
Ernest Bailes
Savercool Band/Richard Savercool
Twinkle and Don Webber
Kenny and Nora Cooper
Mayor Earl Brown
Virginia Walker and Family
Walterine & Clenton Carr
Amber Paxton & Family
Catherine Akin
Ben Blackwell
Brian Simpson
Ryan & Lexi Wogan
Susan Schneider
Philip Pegg
Katie & Trevor Garrett
Marianne & Johan Vergult
Kat Mondragon
Sway Tabai
Reese & Colleen Majoue
Angie Ferguson & Family
Donny Helton & Family
Amber Coles & Family
Jamie Scott
Shirley & Bud Santos
Elizabeth Ferguson
Rebecca Bany & Family
Mary Pilkington
Bill & Jean McAdams
James Knotek
Anita Wristen & Family
Billbo & Amanda Scott
Kevin & Nancy Watkins
Muriel Suda & Family
Commissioner Donny Marrs & Trish Marrs
James Hollie
Shannon & Chris Capps & Family
Josh Copeland & Family
Justin Santos
Buddy Rohrer/ B & K Liquor
Donna Kelso/Superior Title
Cleveland Survey
Tex. Dot/ Chris
Dendra Butler
Paul Acreman
Adrian & Laura Berg
New Destiny Church/Pastor Harden
Karina Thornton
Molly Young & Family
Tracey & Richard Parie
David Jones
Jose Cruz

LOOK AT OUR NEW PROPERTY. 2016 Thanks everyone for all your hard work!


July 4th 2016/Assisting the Shepherd Chambers of Commerce:

  • BY: Jacob McAdams/
  • Cleveland Advocate

Volunteers assist Shepherd resident with much-needed lawn work- August 9th 2015

BEFORE: This yard is at the home of Sohrab “Ben” Houshmand. The grass was so high that Entergy could not read the necessary meters.


Hard work and sweat paid off for the volunteers who came to mow Sohrab “Ben” Houshmand’s yard. Houshmand was unable to mow the lawn himself due to medical and financial reasons.

Advertisement Posted: Monday, August 17, 2015 1:34 pm Volunteers assist Shepherd resident with much-needed lawn work By Jacob McAdams Houston Community Newspapers.   A Shepherd citizen was met with a big surprise on Sunday, Aug. 9, when volunteers came to his house to help mow his lawn, which was needed as Entergy Texas could not walk through the grass to find and read his meter. A chain of emails, beginning with representatives of Entergy Texas established that a vegetation letter was mailed to Sohrab “Ben” Houshmand regarding needed yard work. Houshmand, 73, and a Vietnam War veteran, replied to Entergy, informing them that he is unable to care for the lawn himself due to having had a heart surgery as well as an oxygen deficiency to his brain.“I was not able to work in the hot sunshine,” said Houshmand.Houshmand also says he does not have the money to hire someone to mow his lawn, which he says he was able to do 14 to 15 years ago. Left unattended, the vegetation had grown out of control.“I couldn’t open my car door,” said Houshmand.The email reached the Shepherd Senior Center as Entergy requested if anyone was available to assist Houshmand with his needs. The senior center, in turn, sent out word to Brenda Myers of the Community and Children’s Impact Center in Shepherd.Myers and a group of volunteers came to Houshmand’s home on Aug. 9 to mow his lawn.“It was a community effort really,” she said.Assistance came from two volunteers from Montgomery County as well. The volunteers read a comment on Myers’ Facebook page and came to help.Other volunteers included Hope and Arnold McWhorter, local residents in San Jacinto County.“They pulled up with lawnmowers and weed eaters,” said Myers.The Impact Center has agreed to come to Houshmand’s house at least once a month to take care of the yard. Myers is requesting anyone who can volunteer to come and help them with the work.“We need volunteers because it’s a huge yard,” she said.Houshmand admires the Impact Center for helping him in his time of need. The Impact Center is more than willing to perform this work, expecting nothing in return.“We’re here to do it for free,” said Myers.


 Sadly Josey was taken from this life on February 10th, 2015
In a senseless tragic act, as she took her afternoon run, Josey was hit from behind by a driver who due to his impairment of his choice was unaware he had just taken her life. 
Left in a ditch to be found by a loved one, Josey's life ended on that country road. 

The over whelming emotions flooded her small town community as well as the surrounding areas. To have a life taken at such a young vibrant age is unimaginable and heart shattering to say the very least. 
Josey had just begun her life and just as any young woman had many plans to accomplish...
Many dreams to full fill.....
A life of abundance to live. 

Impact center was so proud to be a team sponsor for Josey's 1st Annual Rag Ball Tournament August 29th 2015!!  

  • Impact Center assists former volunteer with college education- September 2nd, 2015

Brenda Myers (right) and Kalvin Doyle (left) work together during National River Cleanup Day.

Impact Center assists former volunteer with college educationKalvin Doyle stands behind the headstone of his mother, Lanelle Janene Doyle after graduating from Shepherd High School. Doyle is attending Brenham College and hopes to become a state trooper.
Advertisement Posted: Monday, August 31, 2015 2:03 am Impact Center assists former volunteer with college education By Jacob McAdams Houston Community Newspapers A young Shepherd man named Kalvin Doyle will finish his last year of college with assistance from the Community and Children’s Impact Center. Doyle is the son of William and Lanelle Janene Doyle. He is pursuing a career as a state trooper. The Doyle family struggled through financial hardships while Kalvin and his sister Artie Doyle went to school at Shepherd ISD.Tragedy struck the family when Doyle was only 7 years old when Lanelle passed away.Doyle met Brenda Myers of the Community and Children’s Impact Center, who began to assist the young boy and his family.“I’ve been with her for about seven years,” said Doyle. During his time with the Impact Center, Doyle influenced five other children and put in thousands of volunteer hours.“I helped them realize they don’t have to be in a gang to feel important,” he said.Myers commends Doyle for his dedication, noting that at one time he rode his bike to school, determined to make it when he had no other method of transportation.Doyle graduated from Shepherd High School and attended Kingwood College before transferring to Brenham College. He plans to go to the Navy to pay for his college tuition and find work as a state trooper in San Jacinto County.“I kind of want to follow my family’s footsteps,” he said. “I want to protect the streets.”Doyle says he specifically wants to follow in the footsteps of his great-grandfather Sheriff Paul Dodd.The Impact Center donated $1,200 to help pay for Doyle’s last year of education.“These last couple of years he raised all of the money by himself,” said Myers. “This is his last semester.”Myers expressed how proud she is of Doyle’s accomplishments and for the dedication he has for his mother.“He has always kept his mom’s memory alive and still includes her in everything he does,” she said.Myers also commented that Doyle has not let anything, ranging from poverty to a speech impediment hold him back from accomplishing his dreams.“He’s not letting that stop him,” she said.Doyle expressed his gratitude for everyone who has ever given him support.“I’m grateful that they’re in my lives,” he said. “They’re a gift from God.”

September 12, 2015
Impact Center sponsored a rag ball team for Riley 17 of Coldsprings,Tx who was killed in car accident. Our hearts goes out to his family.
Impact Center supports our Community and our Children
Impact Center supports our Community and our Children
Rest N Peace Riley
Rest N Peace Riley

Myers presents plans for Shepherd youth center

Alexander Lend & Boyfriend Ryan
                                                                   Blessing our Community & Bringing Angels

Jacob McAdams-Cleveland Advocate

Advertisement Posted: Monday, September 14, 2015 10:23 am Myers presents plans for Shepherd youth center By Jacob McAdams Houston Community Newspapers 

Myers presents plans for Shepherd youth center
Community and Children Impact Center Executive Director Brenda Myers displays her plans to construct a youth center in Shepherd, Texas.
Myers presents plans for Shepherd youth center
Alexandra Lind discusses the impact of a local community and the project she is set to complete regarding a community program.

The Community and Children’s Impact Center, based in Shepherd, held its meeting on Sept. 10 with three guests from Houston Baptist University present regarding a special project envisioned by Brenda Myers.

 Myers has recently spent time with locals in the community regarding a project to create a youth center for children in Shepherd. “God gave me this vision to create a wonderland of resources,” said Myers.The plans for this center include building a larger thrift shop, an amphitheater, rooms to help children learn, exercise and experience other activities, as well as having a senior center, a community museum, prayer room, book store and even a Patch Adams-styled clinic.“It’s been done somewhere else; it can be done here,” said Myers regarding the clinic.The purpose of the youth center is to give children in Shepherd an outlet to grow and have fun, away from negative influences such as drug abuse.Myers and the Impact Center held a meeting at the Shepherd EDC building with a large number of guests gathered to show their support for this project, including Pct. 2 Constable Roy Pippin Jr. and Billy and Amanda Scott, parents of Josey Scott.The room was so cramped that many of the guests waited and listened from the adjoining room.The project is in its early stages, but Myers already generated support from Pct. 2 Commissioner Donny Marrs and County Judge John Lovett, who are assisting with finding land for Myers.Support has also come from outside of Shepherd in the form of Houston Baptist University student Alexandra Lind, who stumbled upon the project recently. Lind has a project of her own from the university to plan a theoretical program to develop.Lind is an EMT at Kingwood ER who learned of Cleveland Regional Medical Center shutting down last year and was determined to help.“They need help,” said Lind. “They’re sick. Especially the youth.”Lind came into contact with Myers regarding the youth center project and is determined to help.“If we can pull together, I think we can definitely pump up the kids,” she said. “I will do whatever it takes.”Myers hopes that Lind can set her up with doctors willing to volunteer their time down at the clinic she plans to build as part of the youth center. Many others, such as Zachary Construction are also involved in this project in the developing stages.

Gearing up for our 6th Annual Maze of Madness 2014
Meet with us August 25th at the new Shepherd Fire Department 3101 Hwy 59
points for being productive citizens by working hard and learning skills at
assistance at their locations and providing a place for the youth to do
*Come to one of our meeting every 1st Thursday of the month-Stancil Park 6:30
*They receive a  work- sheet with different things they can work on in the community
* If one of the businesses we are participating with needs us we take the youth to 
*We log their hours and every 3rd monthly meeting we give out TOP HERO of the MONTH
*Each Month they will turn in their worksheets to get their credit
activities that are sometimes easy and sometimes hard. We believe you must
                             *This will make them feel good about themselves while helping others
If you would like to add your business let us know!

January  11th, 2012
The Community & Children's Impact Center would like to thank Cleveland McCoy's for their kindness. We had a family who attended our Board Meeting Jan. 5th who came to us for help. They have 6 children 4 of their own and 2 adopted which had been abused. I felt so proud to know their is still people out their willing to help children that don't even belong to them. They are trying to adopt 3 more that was in a family where the children were sexually abused and taken into CPS custody. CPS required them to have 2 additional rooms built in their home before the children could be placed with them.
January 3rd 2012 
December 21st, 2011
December 17th, 2011
to a local family
December 3rd 2011
Cleveland Christmas Parade
For more information contact Brenda
Make a difference in someone's LIFE
OCTOBER 22, 2011
OCTOBER 1st 2011
Awareness for Violent Crimes Against Our Children
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Bands & Bikers for Babies
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  Here's What Cleveland's Really About "Unity"
 2009 National River Clean-Up photo's
  This must be addressed and something must be done to  make some positive changes in our community and the surrounding communities. We must not allow this rape that has destroyed many lives and the reputation of our community go on unjustified. We must take a stand. We do not want Cleveland,Texas to be remembered for the place where 19 men raped a 11 year old child. I want it to be remembered as a community that took charge and made a difference.We owe it to this little girl and all rape victims for that matter to fight for more positive options for these children. We as a community and other communities should take this as a serious wake up call. Our youth are screaming for help and we need to listen.
We have used much of the proceeds to have continuous activities and events for the community and especially for the youth. Anyone who has ever done a event of any size must know the expense that come from hosting these events. Over the past 5 years we have raised enough funds to purchase a small piece of land, Impact van for transportation, toys, clothes and food for less fortunate and have hosted hundreds of events and programs that had a direct Impact in children's lives.
   There are many wonderful organizations in our community white and black community leaders who have dedicated their lives to making a difference. A child sees no color. They only see the caring smile of someone who is there for them. We have many wonderful church programs with amazing leaders.
It leaves them open to drug dealers, gangs, and criminal activity. We do need
   I have been interviewed by HLN and many other reporters and I wanted you to know why I agreed to do it. If they do not hear of the wonderful positive things we are doing and the amazing people doing it then how will they know the outstanding work being done here. I took a stand and felt it extremely important to defend our community and all rape victims.
I want to thank Tuff Kids, Linda and Neil Stucky and the Cleveland youth League, Anita and Freddy Wright w/ Wright Way Community, Cheryl Driver,Breach of Ministries, Rotc Program. ABC Dental, Melvin Hunts Scholarship Program, Cleveland and Shepherd's Band,Cleveland's Lions and Rotary, Keep Cleveland Beautiful, The Women's Club, The Seniors Circle, The Texan Theater, Healthy Women's, American Legions and many more,also all the wonderful business who support all our causes in our community.
  January 2011
Cleveland Chambers Luncheon
2011 Impact Flag Football Supporting
I began this journey (C.C.I.C) 5 years ago alone with only a vision from God, a few youth kids and family. Over the years the team has grown with many people coming and going. We have met so many incredible people. We have raised lots of money to help others and continue our programs, as well as our small and very large events for the community and the children. We have purchased a Impact Van that provides transportation for youth who have no way to go. We have raised enough funds to purchase only .25 acres on hwy 59 which we thought would be the future home of the Impact Center.  Getting this land was a major accomplishment. We could not have done it without many many people and business who have helped us along the way. We have recently found out after research and surveys that the land does not have enough water consumption because of the new Love's Gas Station and that it is land locked so we still have not been able to accomplish our major goal.
I have had an amazing team that I am very proud of. I can not count the long hours, days, months and years everyone has put into our projects. I could not have done it without all the wonderful caring people and the awesome Impact Team, business owners, musicians, and kind individuals.
   It is now 2012 6 years later and we still DO NOT have a youth center, we still do not have a safe place for our youth to go.  We do however, have a new plan. We will be starting a Savings land account. We will build on this account until our goal of buying some land and building materials are met. Then all of us who have been a part of this amazing team will find the land together.
  We are not giving up so please keep us in your prayers. Our hearts are strong, our will is powerful and together we can accomplish many things. We must keep our faith and believe God will handle the rest. The word "volunteer" is powerful and most rewarding however, it's the hardest work ever, it takes away from your family, it takes away the free time for yourself, it takes your own money most of the time. However, the end results are spectacular. I can not explain it, you can only feel it. The tears of joy, the smiles from a child, the gift of hope to another, and the lasting friendships that are made are forever. This makes it worth all the hard work. This has been a wonderful journey for me and I want it to be for you as well. Please join our team and let's make this dream come true.
Very Important Impact Meeting!!!!
211 Peach St. Stancil Park
"Children in need of Christmas"
Gift of Giving Event
Stancil Park
there is going to be much joy on a child's face Christmas morning. Times are tough but the children don't understand.
 Contact number (281) 593-1731
Frank & Jessica @ Backwoods & The Boozefighters
#3 Cody Swimmer sent these names:
Lone Star Christian Riders
#4 Mrs. Faye Family:ADOPTED BY:
 4 CHILDREN WERE ALL ADOPTED BY ANGELA. This families house burned down and
#6 Miss Deloris Family:
Adopted BY: Laurie Perez Hoffman-North Shore
ADOPTED BY: Butch & Kelly Green Sheehy-North Shore
#8 Amanda Family:ADOPTED BY:
Dinner furnished By: Owner Dawn Funk
#9 Martha Family: ADOPTED BY:
Tina & Fran Collins/ CD Auto & Tire
#11 Jackie Family: ADOPTED BY:
Scott & Diana Harping/
Greg Home Family/
Adopted By: The Impact Team
#15. Michelle Family :
 Thanks for bringing joy to these children. You are all a blessing
      Please visit our events page for all Impact events!
      November 7th 2010
      Thanks Halliburton & Houston Texans
      Today over 70,000 people @ the Houston Texans game learned about The Community & Children's Impact Center of Cleveland, Texas and our efforts to make a difference in a child's life. I hope you join us no matter where you live in the efforts to save a child. Thanks to the Cleveland Advocate Editor Vanesa Brashier for contacting Patric Schneider from Houston Community News to take this photo as they were showing a video clip taken of me when receiving the award for $1,000.00.
      NOV. 7th 2010 GAME
      September 13th, 2010
      August 16th, 2010
      by Amber Van Lake on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 3:14pm
      Officer Amber Van Lake
      I would like to express my sincere thanks to the committee and Board of Directors for nominating and electing me as the 2010 Director of Security. I am truly honored to be thought of for this position and gladly accept.
      I am looking forward to serving along with you to better reach out to our community, our youth, and our young children this next year.
      Cleveland Police Department
       Photo Gallery for photos of
      Cleveland Chambers Christmas Float
        December 4, 2010
       Christmas Float
      Disturbing NEWS
      I'm told by local police that this is not a crime. You must find some form of the drug in the pipes before a arrest can be made. They say it is LEGAL to sell these types of merchandise. You must be 21 years of age.
       UPDATE AUGUST 11, 2009
       work on getting a legislative plan together to have them removed from the State of Texas.
      Our Mission began: 7/13/2009
      All but one store owner has agreed to remove the tobacco products out of view of our children.
      Congratulations they have agreed to remove the items from the counter.
      I then went to The CLEVELAND FOOD MART
      Thanks so much for caring about our children
      The STAR MART-1st visit
      NEW UPDATE 7/13/2009
      Myself and 2 youth members Shana, Joey and Monroe got 392 signuatures from pastors, doctors, business owners, and citizens who also believe these items are unhealthy for our community and the children.
       I then stopped into our local Tobacco Barn at Brookshire Brothers. I thought surely I would find some of the same items since this store focuses on tobacco products. I'm not sure who was more shocked me or the nice ladies that worked there, when I asked for tobacco for my newly purchased bong. They new as well as I did that these kinds of items are not made for tobacco. Sorry there was no purchase because the only tobacco store in the area does not sell these items nor endorses these products.
      1. Denny's One Stop
      3. The Shell Station
      5. Jay's Cheveron
      Thanks so much to our City Council of Cleveland for caring about our community.
      Cleveland, Texas makes history.
      Thanks to all the volunteers we made a Impact
      Thanks to all the volunteers we made a Impact
      Saving our environment/Thanks Cleveland
      Saving our environment/Thanks Cleveland
      What a Team !
      What a Team !
      Thanks Amanda for taking us back to nature
      Thanks Amanda for taking us back to nature
      Thanks to our new friends from The Seirra Club
      Thanks to our new friends from The Seirra Club
      Mrs. Darlene Davis/City Council really cares
      Mrs. Darlene Davis/City Council really cares
      Group shot
      Group shot
      Darlene makes new friends
      Darlene makes new friends
      Amanda explains about our planets in the forest
      Amanda explains about our planets in the forest
      Hey I'm just helping !
      Hey I'm just helping !
      Mrs. Cook & her daughter worked hard
      Mrs. Cook & her daughter worked hard
      Team work
      Team work
      Love my Impact Team
      Love my Impact Team
      Work can be fun !
      Work can be fun !
      Off to make a differance
      Off to make a differance
      work , work , work
      work , work , work
      Look at the beautiful new trails
      Look at the beautiful new trails
      Everyone doing there part
      Everyone doing there part
      fantastic group of people
      fantastic group of people
      Meeting new friends was awesome
      Meeting new friends was awesome
      Tired but happy/ Impact Team
      Tired but happy/ Impact Team
      Thanks Mr. Cook for caring
      Thanks Mr. Cook for caring
      No trash left
      No trash left
      Talking about other projects
      Talking about other projects
      Groups from Houston come to help
      Groups from Houston come to help
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