Making A Difference One Child At A Time - Company Message
The 4th Annual
Texas Children's Music Festival
We loved seeing your smiling faces and hearing the wonderful things that are going on in your life! (We especially love to hear that we have helped make a difference in your life)
Unfortunately, we didn't raise much money to go towards building the Impact Center, but, Man, we had a blast doing it!!
Next time, we'll be doing things a little differently but we look forward to seeing you there!
Again, thanks for all of the support.
Enjoy these awesome photo's:

(for Bios of our amazing Emcees, Hosts & Performers,
please take a look at the bottom of our page)
I have to tell you something. I called over 75 radio stations and TV stations to ask them if they would help us help our children in the community. All of them said; they couldn't do it unless we had money. I prayed for God to send me the angels who were suppose to be there to make a difference in these children's lives. There was one radio station so far who  has answered our prayers, they are finding the sponsor themselves to do a 4 hour live radio Broadcast for this event. Going the extra mile.
 I want to say thanks to KETX Radio Station  & McCoy's Building Supply of Cleveland for truly caring about our children. They don't just say it, they mean it. Amy one of the Ketx DJ's will be donating her time to be apart of our Emcee team for this amazing fundraiser.
Between 12-pm - 4pm. Come out & support our children & thank our guest.
These 3 Emcee's Mike Bell (K-Star), Carlos Wallace & Amy w/ KETX derserve a large amount of recognition for opening their hearts to save our children.
Brenda Myers
Our Emcees & Hosts
Mike Bell- K-Star Country
Carlos Wallace
   Look for his Bio Below
Special thank goes to:
KTEX 92.3 The Eagle
Mark Freeman & Amy- DJ-Emcee's
4 hour live radio broadcast donated by:
Of Cleveland, Texas
People who care about the children and it's community!
Kevin Black
J Xavier
 Occasionally, a teen comes along who wows us with an insanely mature grasp on music, and an almost shocking confidence and coolness, J Xavier isn’t that one, he sort of blows that person out of the water.
At just 17, the Houston native’s become a prodigal son of hip hop and...
(see below)
Angela Beck, Country Artist
Special Guest Audie Darling
Doc Richards
& Still Broke Band
Local, Cheyanne James
16-yr old Blues singer
"The Golden Girl"
Please view BIo Below
11 year old
Her mom
Yvette Foster
is Casting Director of
ShowBiz Kidz &
Publisher of
Showbiz Kidz Magazine
Elvis WILL be in the Building...
Ralph Elizondo
Elvis Tribute Artist
 #1 in Texas* #2 United States
2 performances
1pm-2pm- one show ONLY !
Daizha Moton
"Little Sensation" - Bosby Talent
                                                 6300 West loop South
Bellaire, Texas 77401
Date of Photo: 8-15-2009
Date of Stats: 10-6-2009
Fax 713-266-3314
Date of Resume: 10-6-2009
Oprahs Most Talented Kids Video Clip (On National TV)
Christian TV Show (On Local TV)
Queen Little sister Midtown Theater
Dreamer Guest Speaker Lake Olympia
Annual Day Guest Speaker New Hope
What About The Children little sister Chapel of
The Holidays are for Everyone neighbor Midtown
Hatti Benefit Concert Sang Solo Pastor Birthday Celebration Sang Solo Church of
Black History Program Sang Solo Chapel of
Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Sang Solo and Gave Speech
Loan Star Acting Studios For Film/Acting lessons
Long memorization skills and recital skills.
Shayne Travis- Miniature George Strait
Country & Rock-N-Roll
Rock -n-Roll
Lil Sizzle
Christian Rapper
Be sure to watch his TV Show !
Will Cox Country Artist
Kyra Rodriguez -13
Alberta Zemyra- 16
Incredible voice

Samantha Jones
8 years old
Attends Tarkington Primary School
3rd Grade-Glad TAKS is OVER!!
Favorite music is country & Pop
Has a passion for Singing
Get Excited Look Who's Coming!
Meet this amazing person and hero. You'll love his story !
Don't miss this incredible show with incredible people
Aztec Dancers
Large carnival-Donated By Candyland Carnivals    * Horse Shoe Tournament
Paint Ball Wars                                                  
Guitar Hero's Competition  $10.00 entry              * Cookie Eating Contest
Christain Puppet Show                                        * Balloon Art
Bar-B-Q Cook Off $80.00- 1 cooked Brisket          * Games
Vendors $50.00                                                  * Biker Awards
Youth Talent Contest (Free)                                * Adult Talent Contest
Train of Hope                                                    * Dance Teams
Silent Auction (items needed please)                   * Raffle for Lap Top Computer $5.00
Comedy Show                                                     * Nature Mobile w/Smokey The Bear
2010 Seniors can win $100.00 (ask How)             * Bubba Murphy DJ make your own CD 
Trampoline Bungee & Climbing Wall- Donated By Kim Finley Family  
Grand Over All Winner Youth Talent Contest
will win a Photo Shoot & a ad in the
ShowBiz Kidz Magazine
*Dress your best
*Talent Bring it On
*Stage Perfomance judged
*This may be your chance at the big times
* Time 3pm to 4pm
*Sign up a Hour before the show
1st , 2nd & 3rd place winners will recieve a trophy and a photo in the Show Biz Kidz magazine
how ever you must have the photo done yourself.
You could be a STAR !
Donated By: Yvette Foster-ShowBiz KIdz &
The Community & Children's Impact Center
Time Schedule for the day:
Arena 2
10 am- 11am- DJ Bubba Murphy-Make your own cd
11am-12pm- World Famous Boxer & Clinton Stoneham MMA Champ
                    including perfomances by The Tiger Warriors
12pm-1pm- Christian Puppet Show/With Secuity Baptist Church
1pm-2pm  - The Beautiful Aztec Dancers
2pm-3pm     Houston Comedy Show/w Rodney Bigham
3pm-4pm-    Youth Talent Contest
4pm-5pm-   Lil Sizzle Christian Rapper-Don't want to miss
5pm-6pm-   Adult Talent Contest
6pm-7pm-   Karokee with Bubba Murphy
7pm-8pm- Let's See how you can dance
Main Stage time Slots:
10am -10:40
Shayne Travis- 15 year old sensation*
Kyra Rodriguez 14yr.
Amber Gammons
11am -11:40
Surprise Guest-  Sam Harris-Gospel & R & B Recording Label
JXavier- Rapper
Daizha Moton 5 yrs. old- Video aired on Ophra's America's Most Talented
Alberta Zemyra 16 yrs. old
Samantha Jones 8 yrs. old
The Daily Grind Band & Special Guest
Papa String Band- Rock N Roll
Cheyanne James 16 yr. old Blues Singer
Brianna Foster- The Golden Girl 11 years old
Audie Darling from Nashville
Angie Beck with special guest The Randy Travis Band
Country Artist Kevin Black
Keith  McCoy & The CEO Band
Doc Richards and The Still Broke Band
Guitar Hero's time slots
Ages 5 - 10 year olds: 11am-1pm
AGES 11 - 15 Year olds- 2pm-4pm
Ages 16 years old & up: 5pm-7 pm
Highest Score from each division will win a great prize
each 1st place winner will return at 8 pm -9pm for play offs
Help us sponsor the show and bring a smile to a child's face.
Sponsorship Levels:
$100.00- T-shirt Sponsor
$250.00- Recognition in Newspaper, newsletter, web-site, T-Shirt
$500.00- Recognition in the newspaper, newsletter, T-Shirt, web-site and announced on K-Star country all day.
Add your name to our sponsorship packet:
Here are our sponsors so far :
You are the ones who are helping us save lives.
 K-Star Radio Station- You're the Best!
Top Sponsor
People & Business who really care about making a difference
Cleveland Advocate                          Shepherd Community News
Zachry Employees                                Cheyanne James
The Boozefighters                              John Steifert-On Call P C Services
Mike Bell-K-star Country                        Zachry Employees
Sound Tech/Tim Sprinkle                      Bonnie & Greg White
Rob Houck                                           Spirit Explosions
Shayne Travis                                      Buckly's Plumbing
Tommie Ashmore C.PD                         Bubba Murphy Karaoke
Will Cox Roofing                                  James Van Winkle
Floyd-Candyland Carnival                      Big Kahuna's
KETX Radio 92.3                                  The Impact Team
Security Baptist Church Puppeteers       Bethany O'Brain
Amy- KETX Radio                                The Aztec Dancers
Mark Freeman-KETX                        James Van Winkle-Balloon Art
A's Paint Ball Company                          Dewey Allen
Gotta Love Kids-Kari                             Billy & Stephanie Scott
Bill & Jean McAdams                            The Pirates of the beans & Grill
Susan Pearson/Portriats by Susan           Angel - Paint Ball Vendor
Cleveland Fire Department                  Cleveland Police Department
David Edwards Cleveland P.D.             David Pomas- Movie Producer
Chuck Gant Photography                     Madie Jones
The Christian Motorcycle Association    The San Jacinto Highrollers
Carlos Wallace-Houston                        Kim & Danny Shelton
The Fontento Family                            Charolette Jackson     
Monroe Matlock                                   Marsha Daniels 
Crystal Porter                                      Larry & Caroline Morton
Amanda Sutters                                    John & Ollie Elmore
Amanda Burks                                      Clint & Laurie Greenup
Terry & Keena Tarrant                          Sergio & Claudia Flores
Rey Hureta                                          Anthony & Brandie Davis
Joanna Glau                                        John & Sherrie Wright
Barbara Blair                                       Milton Thigpen
LBJ Ministries                                     Cook County The Movie
Neil & Linda Stuckey                           Goods Promotions
Mary Carey                                         Throw Down Ministries
Luke & April Sasser                              Yvette Fisher-ShowBiz Kidz
Clinton & Denice Stoneham                  The Tiger  Warriors
Brandon Weiderhold                                  
Top Sponsors:
K-Star Country            
Bill & Jean McAdams-Banner
Cleveland Regional Hospital
Jack Wade former North Shore High
McCoy's Building Supply
KETX Radio Station
Sound Tech (Lufkin)
Spirit Explosion
The City of Cleveland
The Greensheet
Jerry Hickman & Family
Performance Trucking
Cleveland Regional Medical Center Volunteers
Ralph Elizondo #1 Houston Elvis
The Coffee News
Candyland Carnival
ShowBiz Kidz of Houston
T-Shirt Sponsors:  
Candace Joyner & Family                
Aaron Brittan                                  
Chris  Grison                                  
Davis Door-Anthony Davis               
Bill & Jean McAdams                       
Texas Residental Roofing & Constr.                                      
A Place Of Honor                           
Alison & Christian Glau                    
Ryan Reynolds/State Farm               
Will Cox Roofing                           
Dan Pastorini                                  
Michael Duren-Cleveland Civic Center
Jeff & Laura Tally                           
"Cook County" the Movie                
Kevin Hames & Family                    
Hickman Family                               
Cleveland Radio Shack Dealer; Earl & Carolyn Wilmoth
International Peace Movement
John Steifert- On Call PC Services
Cleveland Regional Medical Center Volunteers
The Texan Theater
Peggy Dunn-Justice of the Peace Pct. 6
Neil & Linda Stuckey
Bonnie & Greg White
Zachry  Const. Employees
Gary Davis- All State Insurance
Billy & Stephanie Scott
Aarons Sales and Lease-Cleveland- t-shirt sponsor
Donates the tv for the day for Guitar Hero's Competition
Eric Brockmyre-t-shirt sponsor 
Do you want to save money on your electricity, you should check out   Saves people in TX about 30% off their electric bill, plus they get a free getaway to San Antonio.   
Thanks to all the bands & Singers who donated their time:
Kevin Black Country  Artist
Keith McCoy & The CEO Band
Angie Beck Country Artist- Nashville
Randy Travis Band- Nashville
Sam Harris- R & B * Gospel Label
Audie Darling- Nashville
Jaxvair- Christian Rapper-Sam Harris
Star Entertainment
Lil Sizzle- Christian Rapper
Cheyanne James- Blues
Ralph Elizondo #1 Houston Elvis
Brianna Foster- Show Bizkidz
Doc Richards & The Still Broke Band
Papa String
The Daily Grind Band
Kyra Rodriguez
Shayne Travis
Alberta Zamyra
Amber Gammons
Daizha Moton
Yvette Foster- ShowBiz Kidz Magazine
Bar-B-Q Teams so far: 
Deep Down Cookers                                     
Pirates of the Grill & Beans                                       
CINCO B Cookers                                          
Moonlight Cookers    
Kitchen Dales
Family Country Cookers
2010 Bar-B-Q Winners
1st place: The Pirates of the Grill & Beans
2nd place: Cinco Cookers
3rd place: Dead Duck Cookers
1st place: The Pirates of the Grill & Beans
2nd place: Deep Down Cookers
3rd place: Dead Duck Cookers
1st place: Cinco Cookers
2nd place Deep Down Cookers
3rd place: Dead Duck Cookers
Best Beans: Southern Cookers
People's Choice:
Deep Down Cookers
Hospitality Award:
Dead Duck Cookers
Biker Groups & Individuals
American Legion Riders/Port Aurthur
Bikers Against Child Abuse Houston
Ken Kelberg-Scrappy Baca (Bikers Against Child Abuse)
The Boozefighters
The San Jacinto Highrollers
Infinite Promotions: Alvin, Tx. (281)585-1700
South Texas Biker Jam & Expo
Reliant ARENA
Houston, Tx
Oct. 8th - 9th 2010
Thanks for joining us to save the children
Thanks to everyone
who participated in the success of our
3rd Annual Texas Children's Music Festival.
From the Visitors to the Vendors, we couldn't have done this without all of you! Just wait, next year will only be better!
Click this link so that you can look at ALL of our wonderful pictures
from the 2009 TCMF on FaceBook!
Memories of our
3rd Annual
MAY 16, 2009
Tanya Dover of Cleveland
John Seifert
Mark Jones
Lake Area Auto Wash
~for accidentally leaving them off our t-shirts. I personally recommend using these businesses.
Spirit Explosions
Big Thicket Productions (Rob Houck)
Warehouse Productions (Darrell Green)
Sound Tech (Lufkin) Tim Sprinkle)
Performance Trucking (Ronnie)
Doc Richards & Still Broke  Band
(Vic Squire) CDV Recording Studios
Carrol Murphy (Bubba) Bubba's Karaoke
These incredible entertainers care about our children! You're the best!
Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards    *** The Josh Ward Band  *** Sugarland Express ***Doc Richards & The Still Broke Band *** Cheyenne James (15-yr old Blues Singer) *** Shayne Travis ( miniature George Strait) *** Will Cox (Country Artist) *** The Soggy Dollar Band *** The Killin Time Band *** Houston "ELVIS" Ralph Elizondo ( LIVE for 2 PERFORMANCES, 50's & 70's Shows) ***
*** Christian Youth Bands and Singers *** Davey Butler & The Rockin' Country Band *** Cassie Shannon (10-yr old Christain Singer)
Sorry! It's too late to be
a t-shirt sponsor for this year...but you can always plan ahead for the 2010 4th Annual Festival
ONLY $100!!!
When you become a T-Shirt Sponsor, you are not only IMPACTING the life of a child and letting the world know you care,
you're  getting a great tax write off too!  
Talent Contest Winners
1st Place
Cassie Channon
2nd PlacE
Don't have the name
3rd Place
Kyra Rodreguez
Cleveland Police Dept.
Splendora Fire Department
Splendora Police Dept.
Donavan Sutters-US Marine
Zac Coles
Josh Copeland
Chris Coles
Lacy Gutherie
Bar-B-Q Cook-Off
Coordinators & Directors
Chris Coles/ C&S Catering
Amber Coles,Zac Coles,Jessie Box
People's Choice for Best Hospitality & Donations Raised
Southern Oilfield Cookers/Deep Down
Neil & Linda Stuckey
Ardell & Dana Stuckey
Jason Gill
Sam & Tammy Daniels
Nolan & Kim Linscomb
Michael & Vicki Figueroa
Troy Moran
Ron Smith
Brad Stuckey
Mike Fields
1st Place Beans
Kan't Beat Our Meat
2nd Place Beans
Southern Oilfield Cookers/DeepDown
3rd Place Beans
Country Family Cookers
1st Place Chicken
Rogers Cookers
2nd Place Chicken
Deep Down Cookers
3rd Place
Family Country Cookers
1st Place Ribs
Deep Down Cookers
2nd Place Ribs
Dead Gun Cookers
3rd Place Ribs
Kan't Beat Our Meat
1st Place Brisket
Family Country Cookers
2nd Place Brisket
Rogers Cookers
3rd Place Brisket
Kan't Beat Our Meat
for the 2009 event
(Ya'll stay here until next year)
The 3rd Annual
2. Shakey Bob - Port Aurthor
3. 1st State Bank - Shepherd
4. Dr. Haissam S. Elzaim
5  Dr. Diane El-Zaim
6. The Print Shop
7. Will Cox - Country Artist
8. Ted Talbott
9. Bill & Jean McAdams
10. Prosperity Bank - Cleveland
T-Shirt Sponsors
Zachry Construction Employees
Shawn-Vinyl Kreations
Chuck & Janie Sparks
Bubba & Lisa Craven
Bill & Jean McAdams
Otto Rally-Dennis Hinson
Prosperity Bank
Woodforest National Bank
Main Street Bank
Absolute Drug & Alcohol Testing
Jim & Janie Alha
F.D.Professional Services
B & R Weilding
Ted Talbott
1st State Bank, Shepherd
Natural Awakening Magazine
Wakefield Adult Day Care
Thomas Brother Feed Store
On Call PC Service
Texan Theater
She Will Insurance
Cleveland Health Care Center
Portraits By Susan
Down South Liquor
Morton/Darville Family
Davis/McLarty Family
Dr. Diane El-Zaim
Dr. Haissam S. El-Zaim
Kholer Constructon
The Print Shop
Lake Area Auto Wash
City  of Cleveland
Construction Employees Prosperity Bank
Dr. Diane El-Zaim
Greg & Bonnie White
Dr. Haissam S El-Zaim
Susan Pearson*Portraits By Susan
Otto Rally- Dennis Hinson
4-H Club Liberty & Cleveland
Shawn-Vinyl Kreations
Jim & Janie Alha
Victory Leathers-Westmont, Ill.
Absolute Drug & Alcohol Testing
Chuck & Janie Sparks
Cleveland Health Care Center
Larry & Caroline Morton
Bubba & Lisa Craven
James Franklin
B & R Weilding
Michael Duren
Diamond C Awards
Ted Talbott
Motor Jam Productions
Rob Houck- Big Thicket Productions
1st State Bank (Shepherd)
Spirit Explosions (Porter)
Bill & Jean McAdams
Sound Tech-Tim Sprinkle
Natural Awakings
Performance Trucking (Ronnie)
Wakefeild Adult Day Care
Thomas Brother Feed Store
Shepherd Hardware
My Mom, Shirley
Family Country Cookers
Southern Oilfield Cookers/Deep Down Cookers
Mr.& Mrs. Roger Dale Chereen
C & S Catering Chris Coles
Zac Coles & Jessie Box
Amber Coles
On Call PC Service
Josh Copeland
Lacy Gutherie
Amy Copeland
Monroe Matlock
Shanna Golden
Donavan & Amanda Sutters
Shakey Bob-Port Arthur,Tx
San Jacinto Highrollers
Will Mc Fairren
B.A.C.A. Bikers Against Child Abuse
Larry Mc Farrien
Mark (Tat-Man) B.O.N.
 Shepherd Fire Department
Will Cox- Country Artist
  Dee from San Antonio
Visual Eyes
Quality Banner (Mike)
K-Star Radio Station & Mary
Jenny Law 93Q
Crazy Bob- The Gypsy’s
The Gypsys Bikers
The Lions Club Members
She Will Insurance
Jim & Glenda Plumley
Texan Theater
Cheyenne James
1st Choice Apparel (Conroe)
The Still Broke Band
United States Army
Doc & Angie Richards
United States Navy (Christopher Howle)
Barbara & David Cousimono
Ed Peine
Clint & Laurie Greenup
Ollie Elmore
Al & Janie Vallejo
Marsha Daniels
Mr. Gideons/Gideons Bibles
Pace Stancil Funeral Home
Security Baptist Church
McCool's Tons Of Fun
Waste Management Of Cleveland
Kelly Faircloth Johnson
Larry Terrill
The Rib Cage
J & R Signs/Janna Griffen
Vic Squire/DJ & Soundman
Carol "Bubba" Murphy
Cleveland Jewelry
Ready Ice
Buckley’s Plumbing
Baird's Bread (Cleveland)
  Christian Motorcyclist Association
Back To Square One-CMA
Cut-N-Shoot Hogs Chapter 
The Boozefighters
Mary Carey
La Quinta Inn & Suites
Sugarland Express
Davey Butler & The Rockin Country Band
Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards
 Pat Jennings-Shepherd Community News
The Josh Ward Band
Vanesa Brashier- The Cleveland Advocate
Houston's Elvis Ralph Elizondo
Ginger Jenkins- The Vindicator
Cassie Shannon
Main Street Bank
The Soggy Dollar Band
Shepherd Sonic
North East Roadrunners
 Mark Jones-Lake Area Auto Wash
Cleveland Police Dept
Cleveland Chief Bradshaw
Cleveland Fire Department
 Cleveland PD
Down South Liquor Store
Splendora Police Dept
Morton & Darville Family
Chief A.G. Hadrych
Davis/McLarty Family
Splendora Fire Dept
Bonnie & Greg White
Shepherd Fire Dept
Glacier Exteriors
Greg( Cleveland EMS)
Liberty County Sheriff’s Dept.
Conroe Elks Lodge # 2584
Dixie Darlings (Impersonators Show)
The Misfits Motorcycle Group
El Burrito (Mrs. Linda)
The San Jacinto Highrollers
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Andrew’s Music (Porter)
Dan’s Guitars
Biker Awards
Bikerlady- Louisiana
Shakey Bob's Group-Port Aurthor
Deep Down Cookers
Deep Down Cookers
Back To Sqaure One
Christain Motorcyclist Assoc.
"Brother Chuck", Niki & Squid
For Water & Ice Donation
Most Funds Raised By Biker Group
Janie & Chuck Sparks
Andrew's Music (Porter)
For a beautiful Guitar Donation
Bikers: $477.00
Short Skirt & Kathy
Second Chance Bar & Grill
Better Times Game Room
San Jacinto Towing
The Rib Cage Gang
Portraits by Susan
Donates her time and photos for our Music Festival
Carlos Wallace -
   I don't just work as an engineer, or an International Organizer for the largest rail union in the world. It's part of who I am. I give it my all, and my reward is the satisfaction of knowing I am an integral part of a bigger, successful business.
   I'm not just a promoter, or manager of the some of the finest artists in the industry. I've been a student of comedy my entire adult life. I've taken the time to study its history and carefully observe its progress. I love this industry, with every fiber of my being. I know what a difference comedy can make in the lives of everyone it touches. Today, it's the embodiment of an art form that I fear has been neglected, disrespected, and used. 
    As someone who truly loves and appreciates comedy as a genuine expression of an artists soul, a release, an oasis hidden in the transgressions of the entertainment industry, I am committed to its rebirth.
J Xavier - poised to be the next under-20 superstar, having racked up a list of accomplishments that take most people an entire lifetime to accumulate. J Xavier has performed live more than 300 times, he has developed his own TV show  “YGTV” (Young Generation TV)which is now featured on KTBU Houston’s 55, and has conducted more than 150 television interviews with everyone from Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne, Nick Cannon, Yao Ming,  Kobe Bryant and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee to name a few.
    A local hit in Houston, his track “ I’m a Rider” earned him the Best Song of the Year in 2003 while his charismatic stage performance and talent earned him Best Stage Performer of the Year in 2004 and Rap Artist of the Year in 2005 at the Houston Holy Hip-Hop Awards.   He has also recorded a song titled “Lord, What The Hook Gon’ Be” with Bishop T.D. Jakes for MegaFest.
    After winning America’s Most Talented Kids Show contest in August of 2004—at the age of 12— J Xavier started working with a Music World Music producer, and, by coincidence, found himself giving an impromptu performance at a company party held in Houston a few years ago. “When J started performing, he caught everybody’s eye, and [CEO/founder] Mathew [Knowles] comes up to me and says, “I need to talk to you. This kid has talent,” Sam recalls.
    In 2005, Knowles signed the young rapper to a co-management deal. “When I first saw him,” says Knowles, “I saw a twinkle in his eye that I haven’t seen in any other performer besides BeyonceJ Xavier is a star.”   He completed his debut album, Young Prince of tha South, which was released December 2006 by Noo Day Entertainment through Mathew KnowlesMusic World Music.  Says J, “With this album, I want everybody to say, ‘This kid is hot, he’s clean and positive, he has the lyrics and he is truly the Young Prince of the South!’”  While cutting the tracks for Young Prince of tha South, J Xavier utilized aspiring Houston producers. The disc also features guest appearances by hometown heroes Mike Jones and Lil KeKe, a track featuring Houston rap history icon Hawk and a hot collaboration with the legendary George Clinton. The album’s first single, “ I Love My Music” hit radio at the end of July 2007.
   J Xavier made his debut on the Pink PantherCD sampler, a CD that was bundled with the movie’s DVD release at Wal-Mart stores. He was the only artist on the sampler not signed to Sony Records. He then popped up on the Bring It On: All or NothingWal Mart sampler. Wal Mart is such a strong supporter of J Xavier’s that he is featured in their back to school commercial campaign.
    He recorded an anthem for Houston Rocket Yao Ming, “Yao Ming Wants the Dunk” with the legendary funk hero George Clinton, (which J translated himself into Mandarin Chinese, Ming’s native language), and he’s also honored fellow NBA stars Steve Francis and Tracey McGrady with their own theme music, as well as penning rhymes for the Houston Comets, the Houston Texans and the Houston Astros. J  Xavier was invited by the host committee of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics to promote the “Yao Ming Wants The Dunk” song on several stages as he prepares to release the music digitally and visually on cell phones with a global marketing campaign.
As if rapping isn’t enough, J Xavier also has some serious acting skills. He has a role in MTV films’ “ My Super Sweet 16 The Movie” with Aly and AJ where he plays 14-year-old Randy.  This original movie aired on MTV in late summer of 2007.  He is also in the feature film entitled A Good Man is Hard to Find featuring Mary Mary and Deborah Cox.
J Xavier also received the Texas Gospel Excellence Award, which was followed by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston saluting not only his talent, but his positive outlook on life; in early 2004, she appointed J Xavier a National Black Caucus Youth spokesperson. (He’s also since become a spokesperson for the World Youth Foundation Anti-Tobacco Campaign and Youth AIDs / 8 Wonder of the World and has recently received a proclamation from Mayor Bill White for HIV/AIDS work and is currently working as a youth spokesperson with MADD and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) for adolescents and teens.
    Both former mayors of Houston, Lee Brown and Bill White presented this young phenom with proclamations marking, Feb. 18 asJ. Xavier Day”.  As he’s racked up awards and recognition, his songs have run the gamut: He wrote a track encouraging people 18 and older to get out and vote—a track that was used as a vehicle to teach youth the voting process. 
   Active in the community, J Xavier is a Global Youth AIDS Ambassador and has partnered with the organization FAWN (Fighting Aids with Nutrition), which provides vitamin supplements to adults and children with AIDS. He is also actively involved as a spokesperson on for their PSA program that encourages young adults to read. J. Xavier recently signed on to become the youth spokesperson for Prepared 4 Life’s national Lemonade Day event, which teaches education, responsibility, and entrepreneurship for youth across America.  His latest accomplishment was participating in a multi-arts performance at the Xiang Yun Theatre in Beijing Olympic Park during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
   Further proof of his rising star: At the last BET awards, he sat in the front row, making an appearance on the red carpet, and he was recently tapped (for the second time!) by Chris Brown to open the chart-topping R&B star’s summer tour. What’s more, J Xavier has got mad love for the church! The son of a pastor, he preaches positivity, is anti-drugs and anti-violence and urges young adults to get out and vote! J Xavier has big plans to not only make himself stand out from his music industry peers, but also to become a voice for his generation. Advocating fans to stay focused, stay in school, listen to their parents and say no to sex, drugs and violence.
   J Xavier comes from a family of musical children. One of five, his older brother plays trumpet and one of his sister’s wrote a song on Whitney Houston’s last album. His father, Samuel Harris Jr., founder and pastor of The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Houston, and mother Lynette Harris raised J Xavier in the church, which the young star calls “his foundation” and he has been a part of helping those with broken lives.
   The seeds of J Xavier’s career were planted at the age of seven when he delivered a powerful version of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” during a school talent show. “When he sang the song, I couldn’t stop crying. It really broke me down,” says his dad. At age nine, J Xavier caught the ear of a member of his father’s congregation while playing drums at church. He was invited to cut some demos, and while doing so, he not only fell in love with it, but garnered some serious recognition.
   Of his positive message, J says, “I’m raised that way, and I want to come in the game and have people say J Xavier is not just talking loud and saying nothing but he’s backing it up.”
   “All of my music is clean and positive, but it’s still hittin’ on the level with artists like T.I. and Kanye West,” says J Xavier. “When I get onstage, the energy from the crowd is crazy and I have that energy, and together it’s like, ‘Wow! This is what I was born to do!’ “I just want to make a difference in the music industry,” he says. “I just want to stand out and be different.”  “You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do,” he says. “Go with what you feel is right for you and keep God first, because without him we’re nothing.”
   J. Xavier has recently penned a song for the 2010 Great American Cleanup Campaign, a green initiative which goes hand in hand with another effort that he’s involve with to help build 1000 green homes in Haiti for disaster relief.  He is presently working on his sophomore project titled “Youngest In Charge” and preparing for a national tour called “Get On Tha Bus Tour” bringing awareness to HIV/AIDS, Violence, Drugs, Teen Pregnancy, Teen Drop-outs, and Illiteracy. The tour is scheduled to go into 30 cities, starting in Houston, Texas.  Be on the look out for two film projects featuring J Xavier titled “The Drum”&“The Last African Prince”, and lastly he is scheduled to shoot a screen test for his own show on “The Disney Channel”.  This young artist is poised to blow!!!!!                 
Golden Girl Bio. Breanna Foster 10 years old
Purchase her C.D. today
With a stage name like "Golden Girl," it’s no wonder Breanna Foster begins to shine the moment she hits the stage. The 10-year old entertainment artist is doing all she can at this moment to see her name in lights. Taking her cues from her icon and fellow Houstonian Beyonce, also Janet and Michael Jackson’, Foster’s dream is to become a triple-threat as an actor, dancer and musician.
Foster experienced her first moment in the spotlight at the tender age of six months when she won the Texas Beautiful Babies Competition. Age at four, she won the Little Miss Texas Crown in the "Little Missy" division. Along with her crowns, her beauty has been featured in the Showbiz Kidz print magazine.
Her dancing career was launched at age six when she joined the DK Highsteppers, a youth twirling group which performs at various Houston events, including the Houston Rockets NBA games. One year later, she became active in the Lil Supa Starz Drill Team.
Not long after, the television bug hit and at the age of eight along with her older brother Roderick, Foster co-hosted The Bredrick Show, a kids cable access television show. She has also been featured on local youth star J. Xavier’s Young Generation TV’s Teen Summit.
As a musician, Foster, blurs the lines between pop and rap. She is working on her debut album Sitting on top of the World. Her current single, "First Day of School" is available for download and her other single "Drugs Are No Good," will be included on J.Xavier’s pending compilation CD. She works with her mother to pen her songs and can be seen performing around the city at local events.
Foster enjoys her life offstage as a daughter, sister and fifth grader. Math is her favorite subject and once her homework is finished, she loves to watch the Disney Channel. True to her gulf-coast location, she ranks seafood above all other foods. But there’s no connection between her favorite food and her favorite color: green!
While she has her eyes set on the stars, Foster’s life goal is simply to become a positive role model for future generations. She credits both her parents and her faith in God with helping her accomplish everything thus far.
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