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This program has become such an inspiring part of saving & healing lives that we have moved it to every Thursday night at 6 Starting in 2022

January 24th 2020- 2022

Our First "Get It Off Your Chest" Session was incredible. I am so proud of all who attended. We were able to save a child's life and that's so uplifting to know we found a way to work together as a community to help each other. Every Thursday at 6 a new Topic will be addressed. Fun activities, and food to follow each one. We are in need of food contributions for these sessions.

Thanks so much to all our Pastors, Counselors, Teachers, Parents, Law Enforcement, youth, and Officials who attended this life changing program

January 2020- Impact Center Buildings coming to life thanks to these amazing volunteers. Our goal is to open a after school educational programs, Food Pantry, Play area for small children and youth to give them something to do that is positive in our area. There is nothing for our children out in this rural forgotten communities. Your contributions truly matter. We have been working so hard to get them done but still need so much if you can help.

chairs for the class room, school supplies, teacher supplies, bracing for around the sides of the buildings, Decking, 2 sets of steps, lighting, large deep freezers, packing supplies, 2 small lifts to move food supplies to building, 

January 9th 2020- Gearing up for our first "Get It Off Your Chest Session". These volunteers were amazing for donating their time to making this privacy fence. This program will include one hour session so youth & Adults can leave the bond of issues they can't deal with alone. Our goal is to save lives!

December 2019- So proud of our Impact Youth team for assisting in making Christmas come true for so many who had nothing for Christmas.

November 19th 2019- WE are always proud to work with our Woodforest National Bank Team. The work with our youth on teaching life skills, financing, sponsorship and more. We were teaming together for Teen suicide Awareness.

November 2nd 2019- Clint's mom invited all of us to attend the amazing Suicide Awareness Walk in honor of Clint. So many of our team went. It was sad, beautiful, and informative. Awareness is so important.

October 17th, 2019- Our Impact Center was donated a fire pit to go with our "Get It Off Your Chest" Sessions. We decided that we needed to find a way to communicate better with our youth and our community. We are grateful for the donation from Robert Payne and Lee Love. Changing lives together.

October 21st, 2020- Please Continue to pray for our community and our youth. In Honor Of Clint Schoppe With a heavy heart we lost one of our precious young men in our community. Clint will be truly missed. He stole our hearts. Rest in Peace #20 Shepherd Varsity Football. I love our community in how we all came together.

August 15th 2019-Impact Thrift Shop had the pleasure of donating dresses to Woodlands Park Seniors for their prom. They were so happy.

August 5th 2019- Impact Thrift Shop Wins Business of the month. Hard work has paid off!

July 13th 2019- Building fundraiser: It was so exciting to see everyone who turned out. I am grateful for all my celebrity friends who are always there for us.

July 4th Celebration: I was honored to be asked to open with prayer. The Impact center hosted the Patriot Dress up, Dance Contest, Pet Contest, every year. We sell items and set a booth to support our community.

June 22, 2019 Benefit for our friend and hero Deputy Richard Whitton. So proud to be a part of it.

June 6th 2019- Our Youth Kids get to visit and meet World Famous Boxer Termite Watkins and Evan Holyfield.

May 17th-19th 201910th Annual Hug A Tree/Kiss A Fish Program over 2400 participants. Thanks so much to all our sponsors for making it happen!

May 16th 2019- Gearing up for the 10th Annual Hug-A-Tree/Kiss A Fish. So proud to have Steve McGranahan the Worlds Strongest Redneck visit us all the way from Pittsburgh, PA. and his beautiful wife Gina.

May 2019- The buildings have arrived So excited. Dreams are coming true: Look at all the hard working people who are making it happen.

May 1st 2019 HERE COME THE BUILDINGS AND MAKING MORE DREAMS COME TRUE! Impact Center gets the long awaited blessing. Galena Park ISD sells them two building to continue the vision. Preparing for a new activity center, after school programs, and a temporary food Pantry. We still have a long way to go to make it happen. But we are off to a good start. Look at the hero's that made the move possible. ABS Pilot Car Service, East Tex Towing, Commissioner Donnie Marrs Pct 2, Williamson Services Goodrich, to all the State Troopers who gave of their valuable time. WE moved them across 4 Counties in the middle of the night. and the team work of everyone we got them placed and beams moved out. God is so good.

April 7th 2019 Impact Team Gearing up for the 10th Annual Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish the program is very costly so the team has to fundraiser. I am grateful for such a awesome team.

April 2019-Getting ready to bring in new buildings. We have had such amazing volunteers who has been so wonderful volunteering to help us. 

April 13th 2019- Proud to be invited to be apart of the Justice For Josey Scholarship Fundraiser

January 1st 2019 Begin working on 10th Annual Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish Program

January 8th 2019-Purchased a van to haul items but it is already broke down.

January 10th 2019- Trying to repair roof on our building. Not much success still needs work. Costs way too much to repair.

January 19th 2019-We get to meet John Schneider to talk about the Annual Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish Program

December 2018

October 2018- Collaboration with Woodlands Park Senior Assistant Living. We had a blast. We always love participating when it brings smiles to our community.

Posted July 7th 2018-Not quite a year ago one of the worst hurricanes hit our communities. while some are back on track there are so many who are still devastated still living in tents and tarp homes. Debri and trash still covers the Streets and yards, ditches and abandoned homes left with the trash piled high with no sound of life left there. Camilla Subdivision is a lost community with people that most do not want to mess with because of it's history of drugs, squatters, and very very poor people with some not having clean water, restrooms and staph has been a serious issue due to unclean conditions and no way to shower. 49% of our survey's show to have Former Veterans living in vehicle with no running water nor restroom access. If your seeing this post and want to get involved or join the team that is trying to make changes so these families can have hope again and the children can have a better quality of life. Look at the People Helping People. These photos are from June 7 2018 to present. Hungry families with no vehicles to get to food pantries, they lost everything including important documents they need to apply for assistance. There are hungry children and adults. We need non-perishable food items, first aid items, jug water, kids clothes, Kid shoes, school supplies, camping supplies. We are working on finding concrete contractors we hope together we can build a outdoor concrete shower house/restrooms this will help eliminate a lot of the staph and illnesses due to unclean environments and contaminated grounds and water sources. The Community and Children's Impact Center is proud to be working with so many caring people and businesses to help make a difference. NOW- So sad!!!!

2018 Hug a Tree/Kiss A Fish was a tremendous success because of all our wonderful sponsors.