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 2013- 7th Annual Mini Maze of Madness!


81 McKellar St. Shepherd, Tx 77371

This Year for 3 days ONLY! Blocking off street @ 81 McKellar St Shepherd, Texas for more fun scares that you always expect from the Impact Team.

$4.00 donation or can goods, or good used clothes for our coming project.

There is no reason for you not to be able to

come and support the kids in the community. This maze is built by the kids, worked by the kids, and proceeds raised for the kids.

7th Annual Mini Maze of Madness

Oct 12th - from 8pm til midnight

Oct 26th - from 8pm til midnight

Halloween night from 7pm til 10pm

*This year we are teaming with the Shepherd Chambers of Commerce and businesses from any community to host the 1st Annual Shepherd Treat Street. Signup your business or group with Miss Kay At Shepherd Chambers (281)935-7887

*Any groups, civic organization can use the opportunity for a fundraiser if you like. We would like to see businesses, families, or groups, setting up candy stations

at the EDC Building at the end of McKellar St.

*Dress up and have fun. Great opportunity for our local Church's to host their Fall Festival's so there will be much to

do for the children

*We are needing monsters, candy, and candy booths. Booths will be set up from 7pm to 10pm Halloween night only!

*Just because the maze is going to be smaller don't think we are not going to give it all we got to scare the daylights out of you. The candy stations and game

area will be for younger children.We encourage any business on Hwy 150 toparticipate.

Let's start something exciting in Shepherd. All communities are welcome to participate.

We have no connection with the Haunted House on Hwy 59 people keep asking me. Thanks for your support!

Let's join and unite as a community.

6th Annual "Maze Of Madness"

Largest MAZE in TEXAS

Oct 5th - Oct 31st 2012

8pm til midnight

Halloween night 8 to 10pm

Haunted Maze &

Candy & Trick or Treat tables from 7pm to 8pm

The Impact Center teams up with

the Shepherd Fire Department

3101 Hwy 59 N Shepherd, Texas

Pass 3-Haunts comingfrom Houston

8pm til midnight every Friday & Saturday night



Hwy 59 n to Shepherd, Tx. going towards Livingston, Tx pass

(Heart Stoppers-3-Haunts) keep going pass McClains Grocery Store (stay on 59 noexits), pass Della's Bar on left. We are on the rigt beside Shepherd Fire Station# 2 haunts within 10 minutes a part but we are so much cheaper for your family.

October 6th & 27th special guest entertainers on stage as zombie's Bill archer and friends

Friday night DJ with Earl Galston & Karoke

2012 Directors:

Justin Santos, Josh Copeland, Ruben Ruiz, Larry Morton, Brenda Myers


Businesses and People who want to make a difference

ALL sponsors will go on advertisement, banner, & web

add your name to the list!



The Greensheet is always there for us supporting the children

1. Shepherd Fire Department

2. Impact Team

3. Outhouse Solutions-They always help!

4. Bonnie & Greg White

5. The City of Shepherd

6. On Call PC Services

7. ABC Dental

8. The Saf-T-Box Containers.Thanks Ryan for your donation

9. Lincoln Lumber

10. Pro Star Waste

11. McCoy's Building Supply

12. GSE (all plastic donations)

13. Bob Wilkinson

14. Amanda Rodgers

15. Larry Morton

16. Tracy & Richard Parie

17. McCool's Tons of Fun has been amazing

18. Bill Archer & Fiends (Abby)

19. Performance Trucking

20. Strike Construction

21. James Hollie

22. Ruben Ruiz (Electrician)

23. Jerri Davis & Family

24. Chase Fonteno (North Shore High)

25. Dependable Mobile Homes Marjorie & Jim Autrey

26.Forward Air

27. The Tire Shop in Shepherd

28. Richard & Tracy Parie

29. EFX Company

30. Sign Crafters (Shirts for the maze)

31. Wanda & Tony Dodd (North Shore High)

32. 92.3 The Eagle

33. K-Star Country

THERE WILL BE 8 CHILD FRIENDLY TRICK OR TREAT ROOMS EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT AND HALLOWEEN NIGHT FROM 8 TO 10PM. We are asking your business to get involved decorate a room, dress up, and advertise your business with banner. Businesses who are doing it so far. We need 4 more to help us.

1. ABC Dental

2. Impact Center

3. McCools Tons of Fun

4. Sazzy Gurlz Dezinez Boutique & Resale Shop

5. Shepherd Fire Department

6. Wanda & Tony Dodd

7. Debbie Joe Hollie

8. The Ghost Hunters of Houston


1. Candy for our 7 kid friendly trick or treating rooms

2. Old or new plywood

3. 2x8 post critical need

4. Old beds, furnture, tv's

5. Nails and staples

6. Costumes and masks for children who can't afford them

7. Sponsors

8. hot dogs, buns, and chips to feed the youth builders

9. bricks and size

10.card board boxes

11. strobe or black lights to donate

12.face paint

13. gloves and boxes of hand warmers it's gonna get cold

14. glow sticks for safety

We are doing a scary story book theme with 4 rooms we will have

*Alice N Wonderland

*Little Red Riding Hood

*The Wizard of OZ

*Snow White

If you can afford one of these costumes to help us out I have photos of the ones we need on my face book page underbrenda santos myers.

Remember-This is a fantastic tax write-off!

The Maze of Madnessis like no other event we do. This is a wonderful opportunity to watch your child get creative and feel good about themselves by bringing their ideas to life.. We offer $100.00 to the group who does the scariest room theme in the maze and $200.00 to the business who wins. The public does the voting. We have top notch security and monitors in each room and have monitors through out the maze. Your safety is our first concern.

Last year under the direction of many adults, parents, police officers David Edwards, & some Sheriff's Dept volunteers we were able to let the adults as well as the children feel like kids again.

We are providing more opportunities in the community for the youth to have some fun and be productive at the same time.

Not all our children can be football players, cheerleaders and straight-A students. Even though we do have a lot of them participating in this event. Most of the children I talk to are looking for something to do that will keep them out of trouble. This event provides a positive environment for about 3 months. You will watch children from every walk of life team up together and work as a team. It's created by the youth, worked by the youth and funds raised for the youth.

Some folks do not believe in Haunted Houses and we completely understand. Our goal is to provide opportunities for the youth instead of breaking in houses, drinking, or doing drugs. You may not want to go through it or be in it, but we hope you will support it. It could be your child next that goes astray because they have nothing to do.

Our variety of events gives all children hope !

2010 Location

If your coming from Houston area you go 59 North till you get to Washington exit in Cleveland, Texas. Make a u-turn and come back 59 South on feeder road. We are located right before the 2025 exit to Coldsprings. Our property and the maze will be visibile from either side of freeway. Look for the huge clown. Physical address 1613 Hwy 59 S. The Impact Team would like to say a special thanks to the Church family @ VICTORY CHURCH for providing the additional land for our project that the children love so much. Thanks for caring about our children's safety.


Special thanks to this years designers and

construction crew

Larry Morton.

Monsters & Volunteers can come by and fill out

application now or call Brenda @(936)499-2632

10am we began

Help us create a safe environment this October for the youth of our communities!

2010 Maze Sponsors

I always love to watch the list grow of awesome people and businesses who care !

John & Stephanie Seifert

On Call PC Services

Walgreens Drug Store

KETX Radio- & Mark Freeman

Cleveland Walmart

Vanesa Brashier Editor -Cleveland Advocate

Houston Community News

Shepherd Community News

Cleveland Advocate

HEB Grocery Cleveland

The Dumpster Guys- People who care about our community- (281)399-0911

Tommi Ashmore-Cleveland P.D. Officer

Amber Van Lake -Cleveland P.D. Officer

Sgt. David Edwards-Cleveland PD

Jim & Marjorie Autrey- Dependable Mobile Homes

John Crawford & Trey William- Dependable Mobile Home Employees

George from Entergy- $100.00 donation

Crystal & James Autrey -

Donated time and supplies- I could not have done

it with out Crystal

Jay w/ Metro Container's- Container donations

Shaking hands with his employee Mario

Jay & Jay's Wrecker Service- Donates time

to pull our first car from the mud.

ABN Service LLC- Aaron Gore-

Texas Master Electrician

Special thanks to our new friends @ Martin's Weilding

who donated us a gate for the maze. Do business with people

who care about our children & the community.

Mr. Jim Autrey and James Autrey-

Have been amazing, donated a coffin,

tables, supplies, and hearts of gold.

John & Stephanie Seifert.

Our Computer guy donates banner

Thanks to The City of Cleveland, John Davis and

Steve Rasberry,for the efforts made to help us get

the maze open. We were delayed a week

so we are praying we get opened in time.


Open Now



Monster Mash Bash-Oct 31st only

October 2nd thru Oct 31st

Contact: Brenda (936)499-2632

Visit for us best haunted house




SPLENDORA LOCATION/Across from Southern Crossing Homes


Scott and his wife are amazing people. They are giving our youth a chance to do positive things in the community.

We can't thank you enough for your kindness.

Call Scott & his wife and tell them thanks for caring.

Join us and help sponsor this event.

THE LOCATION of this year's Maze is just 2 minutes South of Cleveland on Hwy 59

between the Transmission Shop & ABM Cabinets

12322 Hwy 59

Thanks goes out to 2009 sponsors:



Scott -Paradise Pools- donated Property

Thanks so much Scott for helps us make a difference!

John Steifer- On Call PC Services

Richard Basby- Tractor Services

Smith's Wrecker Services

David Edwards-Security

Zachry Construction

ABM Cabinets

Cat Fulton

Dollar General -Cleveland

Greg White-Zachry Construction

Michael Duran-Cleveland Civic Center

James Franklin-Cleveland Civic Center

David & Barbara Cousimano

Wayne Ramsey

Splendora Police Department

Cleveland Police Department

Cleveland EMS

Splendora Fire Department

Albeck Finanical Services(Houston)


Buckley's Plumbing

Jerry Hickman

Performance Trucking


Darral Green- Lighting for show)

Sonny @ Heart Stoppers

The Impact Crew

Griffen Transmission Shop Hwy 59

Jean & Bill McAdams

Absoulte Drug and Alcohol Testing

Rob Houck

Pappa Strings Band

Ralph & Robin Elizondo

The Dumpster Guys

These business and people are who make our events happen for the children. Use their business and let them know we care.



Hurtdove Dew Rags

Ramsey's Construction Company

The Impact Center

Griffen Transmission $100.00

Sweets & Meats-Splendora-Cup Cakes & Cookies

Cleveland Hospital

Allied Power Mart-Splendora

  2009 4th Annual Maze of Madness                                          

Sorry girls your going the wrong way and it looks like your feet never hit the ground.

Great job by our ring girl Kayla Edwards

David Edwards Cleveland PD comes to the rescue for this lady who could'nt handle the maze !

This 4 acre Maze was extremely hard work for the adults & youth who has put this production together. Not to mention the bad weather that makes our work twice as hard. 33 rooms & a 45 minute trip for only $10.00. Some do not believe in Haunted Houses but we believe that these hundreds of kids look for positive things do and they are spending their Friday & Saturday nights in a productive way not running the streets. We want to thank the 400 people who have already been through it and look forward to seeing the rest in the following weekends.

A production of this size can only work if you dedicate everyday to it. I want to say a special thanks to Wayne Ramsey, The Cousimano Family and Larry & Caroline Morton, Ollie Elmore, Marsha Daniels, Claudia & Sergio Flores, Mary Wright (Photographer), for the heart you have given to this project. I can't name everyone because there is so many but you all know who you are and what you have done. Thanks for caring. We have Christians, cheerleaders, football players, entire families working together to raise funds for our youth center. Please understand we are not promoting any bad things. This is acting and working together as a team. Halloween was created by Christians many years ago to ward off evils spirits. It is people who has made this holiday evil not the celebration of Halloween. If you don't see it you want believe what these kids have done. My hat goes off to every women, man & child who are having a wonderful time scaring the thousands of people who will come and join in the fun.


As the President of The Community & Children's Impact Center I want to say I'm so proud of all my youth kids and parents who are helping out in the rain, cold and heat to help us help our children. Your the best team I could ever ask for. Brenda Myers 10/14/2009

2009 MAZE OF MADNESS Scariest Room

Carnival Clowns Grand Overall Winners

Carnival Clowns Grand Overall Winners

2nd Place Winner "FREDDY"

People's Choice Canibal's 1st Place

1st Place Mommie's Munchies

1st Place Winners Mommies Munchies

3rd Place winner ZOMBIE"S

People's Choice Dark Asylum-2nd Place

Photo's by Mary Wright Photographer who graciously volunteered her time to take these photo's below:

2008 Maze of Madness

2009 -Head Director: Will McFarren

2009-Additional Directors

Josh Copeland

Will McFarren

Corey Rice

Kenny Stevenson

Monroe Matlock

Larry McFarren

Wayne Ramsey & David Cousimano donates weeks to reconstructed this old trailer into something spectacular for the children.

Call him for any construction work he's awesome (281)755-7838


On YOUR Banner @ this month long event promote your business on Hwy 59 for everyone to view;

Recognition on our web-site;

The Opportunity to Save a Child



OCTOBER 31,2009


Soggy Dollar Band & The Zombie Rock Show

Ralph Elizondo-#1 Houston Elvis

Bubba Carrol- DJ & Costume Contest

Buy your tickets now for a chance to win a motorcycle


1. This last night will be awesome with live bands dressed to scare!

2. Costume Contest

3. Major Carnival Ride's Sponsored by Floyd

4. Awards Ceremony for Scariest Room Theme

5. A Haunted Maze that will make you wet your pants

Barbara Cousimano & Wayne Ramsey works till they drop. Our 2009 Maze was huge !