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2011 Agenda

A New Beginning

Hello friends and Impact team,Our meeting Friday night was awesome. I’m so sorry you missed it. I feel that we accomplished much. The voices of the youth were heard and through their thoughts and words we have decided to cancel our 3 largest events this year and get back to the basics to be able to spend more quality time with the youth.Here is a updated schedule of events.: Our town meetings every 3 Friday of the month will be turned into a fun night called

“Impact Youth Night”

and a chance for the youth to speak of what ever is on their minds. It will be from 6:00 till 10 pm. Beginning Friday 18,FEBRUARY 18TH, 2011

January 29, Come to Shepherd Community Center 10am and support the 2 Impact Flag Football teams. We will sponsor 2 teams one all males and 2 all females. We will be sponsoring these teams to help raise funds for Shepherd Little League.

February 1 - Impact Board Meeting- Canceled due to bad weather re-scheduled for Wednesday Feb. 9th.

February 18Impact Youth Night-

Will be

pajama night



and activities-Bring your cards or any games to play. No video’s

March 1- Impact Board Meeting

March 2- Blood Drive American Legion 321- for a little boy with Leukemia. He needs our help. Tell them the Impact Team sent you up there. Thanks for saving a life. 9am to 6pm

March 4 - Chambers Banquet- Casino Night

$50.00 per person. You get $1,000 in chips, Buffet and a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and many awesome prizes. Everyone encouraged to come. You can purchase a ticket from Brenda Myers

March 5 - Clean Up Cleveland 9am till 1pm. I need your shirt sizes asap to turn into Miss Kim

Call me asap to get on the Impact Team

March 18- Impact Youth Night- Video Heaven

Saint Patrick’s Day- Everybody wear green it will be a night of video heaven. Everyone bring their game sets and a tv. John Seifert will assist in setting up the video games. For the younger group we will have a coloring station and fun activities for them. Story books etc. Games must be approved by the Board.

April 5- Impact Board Meeting- OfficerTommi Ashmore got Hot Biscuit for this months meeting due to Dairy Day having the park.

April 15th Impact Youth Night- Cleveland City Park, Horseshoes, volleyball, and more. 6:30 to 9:30

We will NOT be participating in the

Relay For Life April 15 5pm Cleveland High School Stadium

April 30 Diary Day Parade . The youth voted to participate so we need to think of a Theme. Starts at 10am Downtown Cleveland. Dust off your boots and find a cowboy hat.

May 3- Impact Board meeting- Tommi Ashmore will check Hot Biscuit for this meeting as well due to Dairy Day. 6:30 pm

May 14- Community Dance/ 211 Peach St Cleveland, Tx. Stancil Park

Hosted to benefit one of our local youth members Shayne Travis Porter. Shayne is only 15 and has gotten a VIP invitation to be excepted to Nashville School of Music. The Impact team will be hosting this dance to help raise funds to get Shayne into this school. We need your support.

*Bubba Murphy D.J donates his time:

*DJ & Karokee Contest 6pm to 7pm $5.00 entry fee. 1st, 2nd 3rd prize-

1st prize wins a karaoke recording session donated By: Eddie Nolder worth $800.00

*Dance 8 pm to 11pm (Band) $5.00 per person

*You can add your name to our t-shirt sponsorship for only $100.00. The shirt will have Shayne's photo and say "WE HELPED SEND SHAYNE TO NASHVILLE" Support your local youth and help them to succeed.

2006 Shayne Travis Porter                                                              2009 Shayne

2010 Shayne/ We have watched him grow

May 20, Impact Youth Night- Movie Night. Bring your favorite movie. Popcorn and drinks will be sold at the concession stand. Bring your favorite movie and we will draw straws to see which one we watch. Try to keep your choices something that all ages would enjoy. No rated R movies please. Invite all your friends and family. Join us in celebrating community, our youth and our commitment to bringing more joy to the youth.

May 21- Swim Party at Double Lakes Park & Recreation . We are working on getting this date confirmed. We must have permission slips from all parents and we need adult volunteers to assist in this fun activity. The Impact Team will need assistance with some briskets and someone who can bar-b-q for us for the day. Join us for a day of family and friendship and a awesome day for the youth.

May 22- Benefit Brunch @ Backwoods for Shayne Travis Porter. Performers Shayne Travis and Cheyenne James. Cheyenne & Backwwods will donate 10% to Shayne.

June 7- Impact Board Meeting- Stancil Park 6:30 Please I need all Board Member, Directors, Officers and Youth Board to please attend. It is very important that our leaders attend these meetings. We appreciate you so much.

June 17-Impact Youth Night- This month is open for any idea’s. If any of the adults would like to host a event, swim party, out door camp out etc. or get together at your house, park, or church please let me know. This date is open for suggestions.

July 2- Kayacking classes for all Directors and youth team. Double Lakes 10am

July 4- 4 of July Parade in Cleveland the youth voted to participate we need a theme. Let’s think hard to be different.

July 5 - Impact Board Meeting- Stancil Park 6:30 Please try to attend. Together in numbers we can make a difference

July 16- Impact Workshop- 10 am till 4pm- We need all adults to please put on your thinking caps. We want this event to be as awesome as the first time we did it. We are looking to teach our youth basic skills on every day life things. Dads bring your old junk cars out and teach the boys and girls how to change a tire, change the belts, grandmothers break out the cook books and teach the boys and girls how to use a measuring cup and make some goodies with them, all you craftsman bring out your best but easiest craft to build. Maybe a birdhouse or a rocking horse. Quilters and sewers this is a lost talent for our younger generation come out and share the gift with our youth. Anyone who has a talent of canning jellies or whittling, anything you would like to teach our youth this will be the day of giving back to them. Sharing time and a craft with them. Let’s create a last memory. Please call me to sign up. Brenda Myers (936)499-2632. Concession will be opened.

August 2 - Impact Board Meeting- 6:30 Stancil Park

August 12, 13, & 14- 2 Annual Hug A Tree/Kiss A Fish Richard Hanks Memorial Youth Fishing Tournament

*** FREE 3 day event. Fishing poles in the water as early as noon on Friday August 12 the tournament will end Saturday @ dark. Award ceremony begins at 9am Sunday morning must be on time to receive awards. We will have several categories, biggest fish, ugliest fish, most fish and most unique water creature, smallest fish etc. Games Wardens will be available for weight ins.

***Impact Team will furnish Dinner Friday night and breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and Breakfast Sunday morning. Any extra snacks during the day the kiddos are welcomed to bring. Bring your tents, fishing gear, flash lights , bath suits and changes of clothes.

We need donations and sponsors to make this event spectacular

*** We will need signed permission slips

*** We need adult supervision

*** If your child has any medical condition we need to know before trip

*** We need donations for fishing rods, tackle boxes, and tackle for prize winners

*** We gave away a $1,000.00 Life time fishing license that was donated by: Larry & Caroline Morton last year for the grand over all winner for largest fish. We need your donations to offer this grand prize again this year. The children had a blast!

*** If you would like to donate food, fishing gear, tents or sleeping bags please contact Brenda Myers

*** There will be zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs in our camp area. This is a youth event.

*** Please bring bug spray and life preservers if you can not swim

*** We need donations for fishing bait

August 19- Impact Youth Night: We are open for suggestion on this night. 4 hours from 6:30 to 10 pm If anyone would like to adopt this night I would be grateful. Anything you think the kids would enjoy.

September 6 - Impact Board Meeting Stancil Park 6:30

September 17- Impact Youth Day- Sports Event - We need a outdoor , lighted up location where we can play football, basketball and maybe even a softball game. If you have any suggestions please let me know. It will be from 10am til 4pm. Bar-B-Q plate fundraiser. We will need donations for briskets and trimming and a awesome bar-b-q team to help. This will replace our Impact youth nightON 16TH

We will need your help with equipment if you can let us borrow or donate gloves, 3 footballs, 2 basket balls, softballs, bats and some good moms and dads for umpires. These events will take team work from a lot of people. I know there are enough of us out there that will make this event spectacular.Concession stand help will also be needed. Thanks for caring.

October 4 - Impact Board Meeting- 6:30 Stancil Park

October Impact Youth Night canceled because of major event

October 22- Impact Masquerade Ball: This event location is still unknown we are hoping to have the Cleveland Civic Center. This will be a spectacular night to remember. The youth wants the theme to be cartoon characters or your favorite movie character. Details to come soon. Start looking for your costume now. We will need sponsors so please open your hearts to To bring joy to these children.

November 1- Impact Board Meeting6:30 Stancil Park

November. 18-Impact Youth Night- Open for suggestions

November 19 -we hope to spend time with our senior citizens. Details will come soon. We hope to spend some time with the seniors as well as doing some clean-up’s for them before the holidays. We will start a list in August to determine how many yards we can do.

December 3 - Hometown Christmas Parade- We took first place 2010. Thanks to all of your hard work. We will be participating again 2011

December 6- Impact Board Meeting: 6:30 Stancil Park

December 16-Impact Youth Night- Due to large event next day I would appreciate all youth attendance to go over details of event. It will also give our youth time to visit andinteract with each other for a few hours. I will probably already be at park decorating.This will not have a planned theme or activity just a time to visit.

December 17- Gift of Giving Event- Last year was spectacular. We helped so many children have a wonderful Christmas and it was because of people like you. Let’s start early this yearevery time your in the store pick up a small toy and a hygiene item for the homeless and by Christmas we can have it almost done. Thanks so much to all participate this past year.Special thanks to The Boozefighters and The Christian Lone Star Riders and Bikers Against Child Abuse Houston Chapter and all of you who adopted families.


The Impact team will be going over details of our Zero’s to Hero’s programwhere our youth can take their leadership skills to the next level by doing some things in the community to make it a better place to live or to take responsibility of bringing joy to others through their actions and chooses.

This program will also give the parents of our community a chance to brag on their children. We would like to acknowledge your child for the awesome person he or she is.

*** We have spoke to some of the Keep Cleveland Beautiful staff and asked them to speak with the City Council of Cleveland about handing out a certificate each month to the youth who has been the most productive in the community that month. We hope to create as a community, a program that will bring out the best in our youth. We want them to know we are proud of their efforts of being community productive. A child can never get to much recognition for a job well done.

*** We are hoping to get support from our City Officials. I believe they too want to see our youth succeed. Each month the youth will receive these awards for their efforts and the ones with the most awards at the end of the year will be recognized as The top Impact Volunteers of the Year. Most likely these awards will be received at our Masquerade Ball at the end of the year.

*** We will also be speaking with Cleveland’s Channel 4 administrator Mr. Wright to see if we can have a hour spot every month to honor our most productive youth. We hope to call it “The Impact Center’s Power Hour”.

We hope to acknowledge and encourage our youth that has done some amazing things through their own efforts in school, in the community or just being a good person to someone else. You may be a teacher, a mom or dad who has or knows of a child who has done some amazing things. Please let us hear from you and give them a opportunity to be on the show and appreciated. Let them shine as they well deserve.

*** It takes will power to stay off drugs, it takes will power to say no and it takes will power to get up every morning with a great attitude.

*** We are hoping it will be hosted by Mark Freeman with KETX Radio, Mr. Wright Cleveland High School, C.C.I.C. staff members and the Impact Youth Board.

We hope to have this off and running by March 2011. However you can began sending your letters or suggestions to C.C.I.C / P.O. Box 1911 Cleveland, Texas 77328.


This will also give us opportunity to speak about our events and acknowledge our awesome sponsors.

Here’s all you have to do:

#1 If you or your child is a Impact member they will receive a form each month with a list of things they can do to make a difference. The youth who receives the most points will win a chance to be the Top Youth of The Month, which will hopefully include a certificate from Keep Cleveland Beautiful and a tv interview. We are still working on details.

#2 If you have a youth in your community you would like to acknowledge you can request a form through our web-site contact page or contact Brenda Myers @ [email protected]. You will fill the form out send it back to us. We will chose as a Board from all entry’s who will be Top Youth of the month.

#3 If you just want to let us know something special about your child or feel they deserve the Top Youth of The month and would like them recognized we want to hear from you.

#4 If you are between the ages of 8 and 21 and you have a topic or something you feel needs to be addressed in your community and you are welling to go on tv and talk about it, we would like to hear from you. This would be your chance to have a voice.

You must send in your letters or stories to “Impact Center’s” “Zero’s To Hero’s Power Hour” and request to be on the show. You need to let us know if you have any other speakers that will need to be a part of your agenda. It must be kept under 30 minutes.

*** We also will be adding a few dates during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday’s to go to the Senior Citizens building and bring some joy to the many guest who could use some cheering up. Thanks Officer Tommi Ashmore for bringing up this wonderful idea.


Impact Center's

Prayer Under The Pines

Impact Team is so proud of you


of Shepherd, Texas

for collecting $79.00 on his own fundraiser

(Photo Coming Soon)

2010 Toys For Tots Fundraiser

Chili Cook -Off

Billy The Exterminator

comes to Cleveland

to visit our children & the Impact Team


Cleveland Chambers 2009 Christmas Parade

Impact Center wins 2nd Place

"Wonderful job Impact Team"

Priceless photo's of our 3 year Journey

Thanks Impact Team for caring about Cleveland

& Our RIVERS- 2010

Thanks Mayor Bartlett for caring !

Thanks goes to Mr. Melvin Hunt for his assistance getting the trash removed from road side.

Volunteers upset about river’s trashy treatment


Cleveland Advocate By JASON FOCHTMAN Updated: 06.22.09

When Monroe Matlock was in grade school, he use to go fishing for catfish in the San Jacinto River near Low Water Bridge.

That changed at age 10 when he found diapers, tires and a washing machine in the river while on a fishing trip.

Matlock, now a senior at Cleveland High School, has not gone back fishing since then.

Matlock and about 20 other volunteers with the Community & Children's Impact Center removed trash and debris from a one-mile area of the San Jacinto River near CR 388 and Coldspring Road Saturday morning.

"We’re just trying to get the message out to people about how important our rivers are because what we do up here flows into Galveston Bay,” said Amanda Sutters, environmental director for Community & Children's Impact Center.

Sutters said the people dumping trash in the river has been a problem for some time.

“I lived down the road from this river for eight years, and this was where I would bring my kids to play,” Sutters said. “I would always have to clean the area up before they could play.”

On Saturday, Sutters was hopeful their first river clean-up would be the first of many for the center.

“There might be just a small handful this time, but next time we might have two handfuls,” Sutters said. “We just want to keep building on that because that’s how we’re going to make a bigger impact.”

Brenda Myers, president of the Impact Center, said she is concerned that trash around the river is unhealthy for the children who play in the river.

“I’ve seen a rope swing down where our children are swinging and not two seconds away is the corpse of a dog that’s been laying down there for some time,” Myers said.

“A clean river is a healthy river, and we need to focus on making our community aware of the damage they’re doing when they throw this stuff in the water,” she added.

When the volunteers stepped out of their vehicles, they were greeted with the smell of a decaying dog wrapped in a black trash bag by the side of the road.

“I think I’m going to puke,” Matlock said when he stepped out of the van and onto a plethora of plastic bottles and fast food bags.

“There’s always been people dumping, but it’s never been this bad, Matlock said. “It’s pretty eye-opening.”

Kalvin Doyle, a 14-year-old freshman at Shepherd High School, agreed, saying he was surprised by the way people treat the river.

“I hate it when people treat beautiful places like trash. It’s just wrong,” Doyle said.

During the clean-up, volunteers found everything from beer bottles to a washing machine.

Some of the more interesting discoveries were a slab of marble, a fake Christmas tree and even a toilet.

While he felt good about giving back the community, Matlock said he was unsure the area would be trash-free too long.

“I’m afraid that things are still going to be dumped, but hopefully in the future if we come down here again it’s not this bad.” Matlock said.

Matlock hopes that one day the river will be clean enough for the catfish to come back and finally he could dust off his fishing pole.

July 24th & 25th 2009

Ground Breaking Ceremony for The Impact Center


2009 Cleveland CLean-Up